Something Fishy

by Tehreen Islam

rev01Over the last decade Dhaka has gone through a culinary revolution from great fast food joints to innovative street side carts to lavish fine dining restaurants. Adding to the foray are the international franchises that have been popping up every few years that we have come to love so much.
Fish & Co. originally a leader in Singapore’s casual western seafood dining has been brought to Bangladesh by Orion restaurants ltd which is a concern of Orion group. Located in the heart of the city in Gulshan 1 the restaurant boasts a menu of fresh, prime seafood dishes. Although Bangladesh is known for its love for fish, seafood restaurants are rare in Bangladesh; however, there is a growing demand for fresh catch and sundry seafood that would make a certain part of the population really happy.
Not even a month since it opened on the first week of September the restaurant has received an amazing response with huge crowds waiting outside during lunch and dinner times. Since the restaurant is not yet taking reservations over the phone your best bet is to show up and put your name on the roster and wait to be seated. The waiting has now become much shorter and the whole process much more streamlined since their first week of launch.
rev02Once inside you will be welcomed by warm smiles and curt greets while you are seated in the mostly wood based furniture and with glassed walls all around there is ample light and sun streaming in all day and gives a view of the hustle and bustle of the busy, corporate Gulshan outside. The interior has a modern outlook with few ship wheels and fish skeletons thrown in for perfect measure to remind you and entice you to a culinary adventure involving our friends from the sea. To go with the ambience, the cutleries are served in a small bucket, the coasters are fish shaped and the food arrives in large pans.
The waiting staff is extremely courteous and attentive to your needs and the ordering process is also fast and smooth on electronic pads. You will be handed a physical menu while the waiters tick away on their electronic pads, sending the orders straight to the kitchen.
The menu consists of mainly all seafood dishes with a couple of seafood and chicken mixed platters for days you don’t feel very fishy. Fish & co known mainly for their fish and chips has a wide range of fish and chips options starting with the Best fish and chips, the New York fish and chips, Swiss and on days you might be feeling patriotic there is the Bengali Catch. For people who are not looking for something fried there are other options of sashimi grade grilled salmon and white fish dishes that come with choices of different sauces. Freshly made mouthwatering tartar sauce is arguably the best in town and is available for free and some dishes also come with a delectable sambal sauce. For large parties there are platters which include an assortment of seafood including prawn, squid & mussels. The fish and chips start at 630 BDT and the platters at 2065 BDT. The menu also contains other seafood items like prawns, clams & calamari. There are also a few wonderful paella based rice dishes that are to die for.
rev03Mussels with garlic and lemon sauce have fast become the most ordered appetizer and the New York fish and chips amongst the most liked fish and chips dish. For the first time in Bangladesh the famous Singapore Chilly crab is also available for crab lovers.
Although the menu doesn’t yet contain any dessert items a separate drinks menu boasts some rich, creamy and luscious shakes and floats which sometime come as a big surprise.
Fish & co adds a new level of quality to the budding food industry in Bangladesh ensuring great tasting food which is imported from around the world. With the freshest of produce, great taste and service it will have you coming back for more.Address: Crystal Palace, ground floor, 22 Gulshan South Avenue, Dhaka 1212.

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