Into the world of plastic

by Muhammad Ibrahim

01Today, life has become a busy affair and we are always in search of convenience and comfort. Plastic products have become our close companion in this hectic life. When the issue of everyday usage comes, plastic products seem to be the best choice. Earlier plastic products had limited purposes and availability but now it is being used in abundance.
Thanks to some companies, the product line of plastic products of different usages. Plastics products are easy to use as they are of light weight and reasonable cost.  Trends talk about three plastic ware companies this week.

RFL Best Buy

The company RFL has been manufacturing plastic products from a pretty long time but it is recently that it has expanded its product list rather boosted with the country wide introduction of Best Buy outlets. These outlets are almost in every city of the country and sells only plastic products and the products are almost everything of a house.
As one visits one of the outlets one might end up buying nearly all the products! The reaso02n behind choosing the brand is that the outlets have all kinds of household, furniture, kitchen and decorative plastic products. The plastic products are built with good technology; they can be used for multiple purposes and are portable.
The different categories of the products of the shop are household products, food containers, storage products, kids’ products, cleaning items and furniture. The household products are all kinds of baskets; food covers of multiple designs and colours, plates of various sizes and others household items. The food containers are of large help. It can be widely used for the kitchen, as Tiffin boxes and for keeping any snacks in the refrigerators.
The products for the kids cover all the necessary things that a kid needs. It starts with water jars, mugs, decorative plates, bowls, small hangers, and to all kinds of toys. In the furniture category the shop has all types of chairs, staring from reading chars, dining chairs, to easy and large chairs. The price of the plastic products is cheap and can be easily afforded. The price of the furniture is the most ranging from Tk 550 to Tk 2,000. All the other products cost between Tk 50 to Tk 350.
In order to get hold of the products go to the nearby outlet of Best Buy or peep at


03The brand Tanin is much popular for its furniture in the category of plastic products. The companies have been manufacturing industrial plastic products for long time and are bringing newer designs of plastic furniture every season. In its exclusive list they have the best ware plastic bed.
These plastic beds can be folded and carried anywhere easily. They are light in weight but have durability and they are affordable at the same time. The beds cost between Tk 1,500 and Tk 2,000. These beds do not have the probability of being dammed or infected by insects.  They also have various designs of tables. The tables are for reading, keeping things and can widely be used for dining and drawing room purposes.  The price of the tables also read within Tk 1,500.
The different types of chairs are arm plastic chairs, armless chairs, special comfortable chairs and baby chairs. The baby chairs are good enough to the babies to sit in a protected manner and also is a large aid for the parents. The price of the chairs ranges between Tk 300 to Tk 700. With the demand rising in the market, Tanin has also been planning to design other categories of plastic products. But their chairs and their newly designed bed are a hit.
In order to learn more you can contact or call +8801768700284 and+8801935194316 apart from visiting the different outlets of the brand.

Bengal Plastic

04As Best Buy has spread throughout the country, the best competitor is Bengal plastics with all their new household products. The house ware products cover all the things a house needs for designing, decorating, storing and for necessity. The house ware includes kitchen ware, table ware, bath ware and baby ware.
The kitchen wares include trays, cutting boards, spice containers and dust bins along with mugs and buckets. The products cost between Tk 50 and Tk 200. The furniture section includes chairs and tables which are of different styles, to be used for the different purposes. The table wares of the shop are popular for their designs. The products are simple but look sleek for their smooth finish.
The tiffin boxes and water bottles come in various designs and the children can select their choice among the many. Adults can also use the bottles along with kids carrying them to schools.

05There is an interesting product named super glass which is a water glass and it costs Tk 12. All the other table wares can be found within Tk 75.
Today we are dwelling in the world of e-commerce and Bangladesh is not behind in any way. All the three companies especially Bengal plastic have easy online shopping. The payment method is simple and they also provide home delivery. The individual websites of the companies display their products with price and clear pictures. Along with the company websites there are other online services from which you can compare the products and buy them online. One such service is provided by, where can look at the online catalogues.

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