Right through the door

by Islam Sadequle

photos by ABDULLAH APU

re1Safety and security are major concerns for everyone in today’s uncertain world. For ensuring security to your house or the office, the first thing that you need to be careful about is the door. Custom made high-security door from Rashid Trade Consortium Limited steel security doors’ offers the ultimate solution in discrete home security. Whether you’re looking for a bullet resistant door, a forced entry resistant door, a fire rated door or an all-in-one package, RTCL steel security doors is the right solution.
The security doors of RTCL are designed to help create a highly secured environment for areas with elevated threat profiles or security challenges, providing re2complete protection against burglary or forced entry. Installing an RTCL Steel security door in your business or apartment has a number of benefits over a traditional wooden or PVC door. These doors are made of 2mm hardened steel filled with rock wool which makes all doors a minimum 25 minutes fire resistant, sound proof, weather proof and capable of stopping small calibre bullets.
Even the locking system is of European standard and certified as burglar resistant. Use of precision cut reinforced hinges compensated extra weight of the door. Most of security-doors are coated to look like traditional designed doors; thus giving a look that they are no different to a normal PVC or wooden door but actually can take serious battering from crowbar, hammer and axe for a long time.
re3The steel doors are also galvanised which will prevent from deterioration with age unlike wooden doors which can eventually start to degrade, every door is designed to last. Those who love shinny metal, they have 2mm copper sheets door leaf which are unique and strong for them.
The most amazing thing is that these doors can be uninstalled as easily it was installed. As a result you can carry them with you where ever you go to, just like any other furniture. One can get these specialized high security doors at RTCL’s showroom ranging between Tk 85,000 to Tk 1, 60,000.
‘We work with some of the top security consultants, architects, and real estate companies across the country to re4provide their clients with doors that meet their security requirements and suit their lifestyle,’ said Talha Bin Mohsin, managing director of RTCL doors. ‘People here don’t have much idea about these security doors. We need these not only to prevent a sudden attack but also to keep our belongings safe from any break- ins,’ he added.
Apart from security doors they also work for safe room or panic room. They also provide smash proof and bullet proof servicing to any type of car to keep you safe from any accident. Whether it’s for your home, your safe room, bedroom, or place of business they can provide ideal solution of security that blends in with your existing design and architecture. It’s military grade security – at your door.
re5So, if you are looking for doors that can keep you, your family and your belongings absolutely safe and secured behind a door which cannot be unlocked without a key, broken or breached, then RTCL steel security doors is the perfect choice. Also, if you take this copy of Trends with you when you go to buy your desired door, they will give you a 10% discount on your purchase.

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