Fashion concept exhibition 2016 organized at the national museum

ev1A fashion exhibition was organized by the SME foundation to promote the newly trained fashion designer under their expert supervision at the national museum on July 31. The exhibition was inaugurated by the minister of industry, Amir Hossain Amu who was the chief guest of the event as well. The special guest was Azharul Haque Azad, chairman, FEAB and the ceremony was presided by Md. Safiqul Islam, managing director, SME Foundation. The trainer of the whole program, eminent fashion designer Chandra Shekhar Shaha was also present at the inauguration ceremony.
This kind of exhibition is being organized for the second time and the first one was organized in 2013, at the same venue. 40 trainee designers are attending this year’s exhibition while 22 designers attended the first arrangement. These 40 entrepreneurs are trained under the regulation of Chandra Shekhar Shaha in a special workshop whose view is to bring about the best out of the new designers.

ev2The designers work on 30 concepts like Pahela Baishakh, sea life, gaye holud, children, broken glass, summer, Ekushey February, Monsoon, Pahela Falgun, Rana Plaza, May Day, Eid celebration, nature etc. Most of the designers focus mainly on using local fabrics and natural colours to manifest the national fashion trends.
Most chose Bangladeshi inspired dresses like sari, panjabi, shalwar kamiz etc whose designs and motifs are inspired from natural colours and ingredients. Rana Plaza is inspired by the mournful incident of 2013 where 1,129 people died in a building collapse. Here the designer chose T-shirts as a symbol since Rana Plaza reminds us of the garment industry and the colour that is of dominance here is black. The colour black and ash is dominant in the while depicting the monsoon also and the here the designer is inspired by the colour of the clouds. Other designers chose the traditional colours used in different Bangladeshi occasions like red and white in Pahela Baishakh etc.
The chief guest emphasized on the initiative taken by the SME foundation to promote the women entrepreneurs from the grassroots as Bangladesh Govt. is working on women empowerment as their priority. He and the other guests hoped that such kind of event will help boosting up the national fashion and readymade garment industry by creating new entrepreneurs as well in this current challenging world.

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