by Tehreen Islam

COOKUPSWe all love home cooked meals. Some of us like to eat, some like to cook for others and some like trying what others are cooking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just earn a little extra from just doing what you love? The dynamic duo Misha Ali and Namira Hossain did just that.
They both loved cooking at home a lot and blogging about it and after their blog received some attention on social media people wanted to try out their dishes. Misha, with his past fame for cooking while being a part owner at The Break and the Farmer’s Market got together with Namira and decided to connect the home cooked meals with the foodies. That is how Cookups started.
Cookups is a platform for sharing home-cooked food. Right now, it is functioning as a Facebook group but they are also in the phase of developing an app. Cookups is offering a way to connect these home cooked meals with foodies who will appreciate it.
COOKUPS2‘The cook posts offer to the Facebook group and say what they are cooking, like lasagna, or morog polao. People who are interested in ordering do so by commenting on the post in the Facebook group. But the way it works will of course change, once we have the app and migrate users to it. Deliveries can either be through pick-up or GO! Fetch who are our delivery partners at the moment,’ says Namira.

The response has been great, according to the founders. Everybody is really excited to see what happens on this platform and the offers were also received positively. They have five cooks already on board and more people are interested every day. ‘Every great idea has to be honed and chiseled as you work out what is best while you implement it. Things take time to get accomplished, and there can be delays. There are many people who are interested in doing this, but do not know how to go about it. So our challenge right now is to show them that it is easy and doable, to sell your homemade food from the comfort of your own home,’ says Namira.
COOKUPS3In recent days, the restaurant business has faced major problems after the militant attacks and the license drive. Social media on the other hand has helped a lot of these online catering services to take off. Cookups is glad to make an entry this time around because they feel anything to do with food should always be inclusive and everyone should have access to good food at a reasonable price.
Speaking about future plans Namira says, ‘As I had mentioned earlier, we are developing an app and expand our services to other cities in Bangladesh. We also aim to develop training programs for cooks to maintain quality and hygiene standards.’

















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