Amina Obaid – A Passionate Professional

by Tehreen Islam

We all have our passions, one choice of task that we are passionate about. Some turn it into profession while some pursue it as a hobby. Amina Obaid was passionate about make up ever since her childhood days and when she grew up she was self-motivated enough to teach herself the skills of makeup and progress as a professional makeup artist. In today’s Trends Amina tells us the story about her profession, passion and self motivation.
Amina Obaid has always been an avid lover and observer of makeup techniques and transformations. ‘I would watch movies and concentrate on what makeup were the actresses wearing rather than the storyline. To me, the art of makeup is my passion and it makes me more than happy to be able to pursue it,’ she says.
She takes pride in saying that she is a completely self taught makeup artist skilled with online trainings, make up tutorials and a passion to learn. She would research, read and watch every possible make up related material she can get her hands on to flourish and polish her already learnt basic make up skills. She loves working with different brands of products. Her all time favourite brand is Mac. And among the drugstore brands Maybelline is her favourite.
Her clients are of different ages and professions who want to look pristine for different occasions like wedding, party, graduation ceremonies and others. Looking at her makeup style, we can tell that she likes highlighting the features of each face with her skill and products keeping each different from the other. She pays attention to the preferences of each client and does her work accordingly. That’s why her clients not only shine but also look comfortable and happy in their looks and make up.
Amina is very excited and glad about the changes that have come in the profession of makeup artist in our country. ‘Every makeup artist who is popular in our country deserves all the love, respect and hype that they have since all of their work is phenomenal. And they have really worked hard to reach this position,’ she adds.
She encourages everyone who is passionate about this profession to come forward and get educated in this field which she also plans to do after completing her under graduation from Independent University of Bangladesh.
She advices all to see the real work of a makeup artist before selecting any particular type of makeup instead of looking at photos of her work and deciding. ‘It’s very important to see the work of the makeup artist upfront. Nowadays edited pictures are trusted more than the real work which should not be the way. So it’s very important to see the actual work and skills of the artist,’ she emphasizes.
For booking Amina Obaid for any occasion, the clients can directly message her on her Facebook page which is (Amina Obaid- Makeover Studio), or call her on the contact number given on her page.

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