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by –Islam Sadequle

holidaysPeople usually face dilemma on how they can utilise their weekends or short holidays. However, recent years have seen numerous resorts mushrooming all around the outskirts of the city making them perfect for a day trip or a day or two. These resorts are not far from home and will allow you to make your escape a sweet and soothing one by letting you have the opportunity to stay close with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This issue of Trends take you to the best destinations around the city, for small vacations. So, what are you waiting for – start planning and indulge in your best holiday!


Chuti resort & picnic spot

holidays2Chuti resort is your escape to a completely different world, a world hidden in the lush green village of Sukundi in the eastern side of Gazipur sadar, just 3 Km away from the famous Bhawal Rajbari/Gazipur court premises. Since it’s opening in 2012, the resort provides authentic and distinctive travel experiences to the holiday makers.
Chuti has eco cottage, tent house, thatch house, study cottage, luxuries cottage, bird house, two play grounds, kids’ zone, and beautiful lake with swimming and fishing facilities, reserved forest, horse riding and many attractions to entertain the guests along with restaurants, organic foods, fruits and traditional pitha. They offer seasonal fruit to the visitors without any cost. ‘We are committed to our guests to ensure an eco friendly lifestyle with different vibe and taste,’ said Ashiqul Islam, senior executive, Chuti resort.
holidays3They have an arrangement of a traditional boat ride on the lake. This tranquil and unique resort allows you to unwind yourself in serenity of nature with your beloved ones. One can experience the birds chirping, foxes howling and firefly processions in the evenings and nights. During the full moon nights, the authority keeps the light switched off to give visitors the original vibe of a moonlit night.
Chuti is established on 17 acres of land which is surrounded by beautiful lake and reserved forest. This place is enabling to welcome picnic, corporate day out, family day out, workshop and other programs. Guests have to pay Tk 4,500-Tk 17,000 for cottage per day. Apart from that they also offer day long packages at Tk 2,500 for adult and Tk 1,800 for child including refreshment, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.
For more information and reservation please dial 01777114488.


Dhaka Resort:

holidays4Dhaka resort began its journey in 2010 with the purpose of entertaining and energizing people by bringing them close to nature. Set on 3 acres of landscape at Bandhabari, Kaliakair,Gazipur about 55 kilometres north from Dhaka, it invites both the leisure and the business traveller.
This resort claims to take you far away from your colourless city-life and paint the trip green. Once you are here, you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of Bhawal Ghar and can enjoy the rain forest. The plants, the cottages, the gardens, gathering of different types of known unknown birds, pollution free environment contribute richly to the picturesque and romantic scene of this place making it an ideal place for spending a weekend and back to the regular life rejuvenated.
holidays5If you are looking for a place or planning for an AGM, business conference, corporate day-out, seminar, reception, marketing workshop, sales training, sales meeting, group discussion, marriage anniversary, birthday party or even a romantic honeymoon, Dhaka Resort is the best place for you. The resort has hotel, beautiful picnic sport, swimming pool, boating and fishing facilities, tent living, bar-B-Q, cottages and restaurant. At the picnic spot, there is play ground for children, grounds for cricket, football, volleyball and badminton and an eco-park for guests with lots of attractions.
There are different types of cuisines available upon order in the resort. For corporate clients wanting special arrangement for holding meetings, seminars and picnics the resort management can tailor the entire arrangement in a manner that the corporate customer has full advantages and undisturbed use of all the facilities offered by the resort. The accommodation costs per night range from Tk 5,000 to Tk 6,500 for rooms and the costs incurred for cottages range from Tk 12,000 to Tk 16,000.
Do you want to book now? If yes, call at 01762554444


Angana Resort

holidays6Since its establishment in 2002, Angana attempts to blend the gifts of nature with comfort, without encroaching upon the wonders of God’s creation. Located in the tranquil settings of village Surjonarayanur in Kapashia, Gazipur, it is just an hour away from Dhaka International Airport.
At the entrance of the resort, a fountain, spotted with pink flamingos is ready to greet you. Ahead lays the sprawling complex, part villa and part old-school landlord bungalow. ‘Angana is perfect for a day-trip given the variety of activities it provides. It has landscaped gardens, ponds and gazebos, picnic facilities for 500+ persons, with full catering and fun activities for children like a playground, pony rides and boating,’ said Shattendro nath, Manger(Operations), Angana. Recently, a swimming pool, a badminton court and a deer park have been added to make it more enjoyable for the guests.

holidays7This resort is encircled with the red hill of Bhawal pargan which is spread out over an area of eight acres that have been fully secured with high boundary walls for privacy and security. The entire area is under constant surveillance by closed circuit TV’s and security guards.
The rate for each room at Angana is ranged in between Tk 5,000 to Tk 7,000 per day. If you want to book the resort for arranging picnic and other programme only then they may cater food. Otherwise you need to bring food with you.

For booking or getting more information, please dial 01711182626


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