My Healthy Kitchen: Your Healthy Choice

by Tehreen Islam

Healthy-Choice01Farzana Sharmin Khan has always had a keen interest in learning to cook new dishes, sometimes following recipes and sometimes inventing hew own. Every time she tasted a new dish at home or abroad, she would try to cook it on her own. With this spirit and inspiration from her mother, her lasting hobby of cooking made her fabulous over time and requests started to pour in from friends and family for catering orders. That is when ‘My Healthy Kitchen’ happened.
Cooking has always given Farzana the much needed de stressing and happiness she wanted. At the end of each day, she would find joy in the kitchen. Cooking would make her forget day’s troubles and give her peace and happiness. The entrepreneurship in her soon pushed her to take her hobby professionally. My Healthy Kitchen is an online catering service delivering delicious home cooked meals and dishes, that priorities the issues of fresh ingredients and hygiene. And that is why she’s named her catering service as such. She makes sure that all her ingredients are fresh and of best quality combined with best cooking techniques possible. Thus this makes this line special and honest.
Healthy-Choice02The best thing about My Healthy Kitchen is that the food items are delicious and fresh. It gives you the comfort of home cooked foods yet with perfection of professionalism. It has an assorted menu of salads, snacks, meals, desserts – both native and special. The salad range has items like – corn and cucumber salad, Thai beef salad, potato salad, waldorf salad, shrimp pasta salad, bean salad, Russian salad etc and they cost between Tk 200 to Tk 400 for each portion. There are 11 types of sandwiches including chicken salad, egg cucumber, grilled club, cheese and lettuce, tuna, toasted egg etc. The sandwiches are priced between Tk 250 to Tk 500, depending on the type and quantity.
Healthy-Choice03Other items include dimsum, pasta, spaghetti and more including desserts like cakes, tarts, halwa etc. She also has a long list to traditional local food that she caters which has items from bhorta, fish curry to biryani, khichuri and more. Farzana does not want to limit the options and wish to cook her hearts out for clients and that’s why her menu has much variety. However, when we asked her about top five dishes, she took a moment to think and said, ‘Chicken Steak, apple cake, special chicken korma, potato salad and sweet & sour fish.’
To order from My Healthy Kitchen, order needs to be placed 24 hours prior and an advanced payment needs to be paid through Bkash. The order can be collected from delivery point the next day. For large orders they often offer home delivery.

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