Ice Age: Creamy frozen goodness

Tajnim Imami

Summer has officially arrived. The blazing sun overhead can make even the most patient and resilient of us feel frenzied and exhausted. Ice cream is one of the best summer treats to keep cool in this heat. The icy, creamy sweetness atop cones and cups make for a great escape from the oppressive heat of the season. Ice Age, a Thai franchise located in Banani, serves up to 20 amazing ice cream flavours in a wonderfully comfy, hangout place.

re-weOpened in August 2016, Ice Age was brought to Bangladesh by Samreen Ahmed and her husband Eshtiaque Ahmed. The large high back chairs and comfy couches can make anyone want to relax and unwind here with some ice cream for both taste and entertainment. Ice Age has ice cream flavours that range from the traditional to the unique. One of the best flavours at this place is Chocolate Brownie, a dark, creamy treat that melts into liquid heaven in your mouth. Its spicy version, Red Hot Fire Cracker, combines chocolate with chilli. It begins with the dense goodness of dark chocolate but leaves with the delicate piquant aftertaste of chilli. The mix of cold and hot with sweet and spicy makes this flavour an exciting treat. Then there is Tiramisu, true to its coffee based flavour with an ever so slight hint of amaretto, it is a great flavour for those who love coffee.  The Hazelnut ice cream is a sweet sugary treat with traces of nuts that crumble as the cream spreads over the taste buds. Not to mention the Matcha or Green Tea ice cream, the famed Japanese flavour with its tea infused taste, is a sure fire hit among guests. The Hot Fudge Sundae is a divine blend of Chocolate Brownie ice cream, Brownie Special, served under a generous dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings with waffle biscuits.

The frozen yogurt and sherbet of Ice Age are just as delicious. The Spicy Green Mango sherbet is the star of the sherbet flavours because of its smooth and fresh taste with icy texture that is the reminder of all good things of summer. Not to mention, there is the Mango Sherbet as well that completes the best of both world of all mango related flavours. The cherry on top is the Yogurt Mango that gives a velvety sweet experience of ripe mangoes that is sure to please any ice cream lover. Yogurt Strawberry is yet another rich, sugary experience that is true to the taste of luscious strawberries.

Besides ice cream, Ice Age serves some pretty appetizing waffles and sandwiches great for breakfast and snacks. The Fruit Lover’s Waffle is a set of fresh crispy pancakes that come buried under a pile of fresh seasonal fruits such as mango, strawberry or banana. True to its name, Spice Lover’s Waffle comes with a scoop of Spicy Green Mango sherbet that balances the sweet taste of waffles with the fresh, zesty sherbet. Smoked Chicken and Grilled Chicken are two fan favourites among sandwiches. Simple yet tasty, the sandwiches are a savoury treat that charmingly complements the ice cream flavours.

WWW-1The interior of Ice Age is based on an elegant black, white, red and cream colour scheme. The wooden and chequered floor is very classy that harmonizes with the big chairs and gigantic sofas making it a great place to gather with both friends and family, especially on a game night.


One scoop of any of Ice Age’s decadent flavors cost Tk 140. Waffles, sandwiches and other desserts are around Tk 100 to TK 480.

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