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Islam Sadequle

Forma1-frontOnce again the month of holy has arrived and as always almost all restaurants and hotels have special arrangements with a variety of offers for both Iftar and Sehri. Nearly every street has at least one temporary iftar shop and even small tea stalls put a table in front and sell common iftar delicacies.

In the afternoon, the whole city becomes busy with the preparation of both buying and selling iftar. Known for the extravagancy of its iftar, Dhaka city has many iftar places worth a visit and items worth a try. Here’s a roundup of some of the iftar offers happening around town now.




Traditional Iftar:

Dhaka is best known for its traditional iftar and the fame of old Dhaka’s iftar is related to heritage. The variation, festivity and history it has is perhaps the true charm of the place, making it a must-visit place at least once every Ramadan.

When it comes to old Dhaka, Chawk Bazaar happens to be the best place for iftar for years.  When talking about Chawk, the first thing we talk about is the legendary ‘Boro Baaper Polae Khaye’ which happens to be a massive get together of many ingredients like liver, heart, lentils etc. and is itself a full meal. Other delicacies include roasted quail, pigeons, chicken, mutton leg, shuti kebab, doi bora and so on.

Various mouth-watering kebab and chaap are available in Old Dhaka which is also in the list of old Dhaka favourites. Bismillah Kabab Ghor has a variety of kebab and chap including tikia, jali kebab, gorur chap, gorur boti, khashir gurda, murgir chap, khashir khiri, murgir gila kolija and so on and the price of these ranges between Tk 10 to Tk 100.


Royal Restaurant, located in Lalbagh, is one of the best places for iftar, with a royal menu of chicken tandoori, doi bora, shish kebab, boti kebab. After having a ‘Dhakaiya’ iftar the deal doesn’t seem worthy without an amazing drink. You can find Borhani, Labang, Faluda and various sherbets at ‘Beauty’, ‘Shahi juice’ or ‘Royal restaurant’. Royal’s nut shake, that they call ‘badam shorbot’ is said to have a heavenly taste and a litre may cost Tk 250.



Other than the eateries in Old Dhaka and the numerous street-side restaurants all over the city, there are restaurants like Star Kebab, Handi, Korai Gosht etc where you can also enjoy the traditional iftar delicacies with friends and family within a reasonable price.


Iftar offers:

Going out and having new and exotic food for iftar and Sehri is not a new trend anymore in this city. With the holy month here, the restaurants of Dhaka are offering some excellent packages to meet your dining needs. Starting from the five star hotels to fine dining restaurants of the city, there are loads of iftar offers. All you have to do is to decide according to your budget, taste and preferred ambience.

Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel has a huge spread of buffet iftar at Café Bazar. From traditional halim-jilapi to mutton shahi qurma, you can indulge in an international culinary spread.  Apart from buffet, they have ‘take away special’ iftar box.

Hotel Radisson blu has exciting iftar offers as well. Their take away iftar foods that come in premium and standard boxes and you may enjoy authentic Bangladeshi iftar buffet whereas Water Garden Brassiere offers Arabian iftar buffet at Tk 4,500 for adults and Tk 2,500 for kids.

Amari Dhaka has also some iftar set menu and two different varieties of take away menu differing in price.

Apart from these, a number of restaurants such as Nando’s , Gloria Jeans, Baton Rouge, Efes, Khazana, Topkapi, Charcoal Steak House, Attin, Watercress, Sajna etc. offer ‘Iftar-cum-dinner’ buffets. The price range is roughly between Tk 800 to Tk 1,500.

Steak House Dhaka offers special iftar buffet followed by dinner at Tk 3,000 where they have buy one get one free offer for certain cards. Nando’s has ‘hungry’, ‘very hungry’ and ‘full platter’ iftar offers starting from Tk 899 to Tk 2,499.



After a long tiring day of fasting, to avoid long queues for takeaways or traffic jam you may order food online through home delivery services like foodpanda or hungrynaki.

Eat what you like but try choosing the healthiest option. Wherever and whatever you decide to eat, a balanced food plan containing healthy ingredients, cooked right will help you enjoy your iftar while giving you good health and more energy. So, happy eating, happy iftar!

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