Glued Together : Jewellery that tell a story

by Shaima Akhter

Jewellery has always been more than just ornaments to adorn women’s beauty. Mehnaz Ahmed, owner of Glued Together, reinterpret the value of jewellery by crafting them and giving them new life to challenge people’s perception of what beauty is with her jewellery collection. Her studies in architecture help her to create composition and develop her design techniques.
Glued Together blends fashion and expert craftsmanship to make some of the finest jewellery one can think of. The owner of this online store has the ambition to make jewellery that tell story. So she names her pieces for that personal touch- Nayantara, Pekhom, Choitali, Dipto, Kanon, Nondini, Pallab, Shaluk, Amrupali, Shimul etc.


Along with the traditional designs, flowers, leaves, peacock, feather, moon and other motifs have joined the designer’s collection in different forms and variations. Whether it is elegant, sassy or simple, Glued Together pieces are perfect for adorning any outfit. You can wear a pair of jeans yet flaunt the earrings, neckpiece, armlets designed by Mehnaz. Here you can get metallic jewellery with the look of silver, gold and antique. Mehnaz tries to make her products affordable for everyone. Most of   the sets start from Tk 1,980, earrings from Tk 800 and rings from Tk 700.
If you are preparing for a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is to find the ideal jewellery that best suits your attire. Jewellery here is something that compliments the attire of all shades and types. Beside gold and silver, semi- precious metals have become common in bridal jewellery. They are clean cut yet eye catching pieces for grand occasions.

For those with a penchant for the royal ornate look, Mehnaz has great collections with stones and elaborate designs. All the pieces at Glued Together are different and express something meaningful for the person who wears it, giving her the opportunity to preserve these special moments. Even better is that they can be paired with a traditional as well as a contemporary attire.
Mehnaz Ahmed’s passion for designing and making something creative has driven her to this path and she dreams of opening up a shop where all her jewellery will be available for spot purchase. Glued Together’s collections are indispensable in any woman’s personal collection, a paradox of old world charm with modern day grace. Each piece is tasteful, exhibiting the perfect balance of modest sophistication and captivating vibrancy.
If you are looking for stylish jewellery that are both traditional and sophisticated Glued Together has the just the thing for you.

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