Delicious Delicacies


by Tehreen Islam

In our culture, like many others, food is a way for people to gather. It brings family and friends together for celebrations, banquets, reunions and holidays. Over recent years, different cuisines have taken on a new popularity in our country. We now have cuisines spanning all corners of the city and they are very popular. For new restaurant options, check out two of these global cuisines that can be your next dine out venture.


The Dining Room

When it comes to Bengali cuisine, the wide varieties of it in festivals, occasions and seasons are integral part of our literature, songs, paintings, movies. Our culture revolves around food and we have the perfect food for every occasion – be it a celebration or something as simple as a rainy day. The finest blend of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, the Bengali cuisine has such unique features that it is more than just food but a form of art. How many times have you wanted to take a foreign guest or visitor to taste the specialities of our cuisine but failed to find a fine dine place that suits your taste bud or matches your expectation? Look no further. The Dining Room is that perfect answer.

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The minds behind The Dining Room targeted exactly that. They wanted to create a fine dine experience for the customers who want to enjoy the culinary extravaganza of Bengal. The restaurant not only promises great food but a walk through the deep rooted culture and heritage.

The restaurant is elegantly decorated in white and framed images of historical and significant places of Bangladesh. Launched in 2015, the menu of the restaurant is the highlight of the experience. Besides the items of the menu being exquisite, the small descriptions with the dishes would want to make you try them all.

The options are plenty and the specialities are mind blowing – hilsha khichuri, dakbangla chicken curry, bagda chingri malaikari and so much more. Be it potato or duck, lamb or bhetki – the exotic preparations will amaze you and make you proud of our culinary culture.

The dessert menu is a compilation of treats for your sweet tooth, like – bhapa sandesh, payesh, mishti doi, roshogolla etc.  The prices of the dishes vary between Tk 100 to Tk 750.


The Dining Room with its detailed and exotic menu presents all flavours from bitter to sweet and all methods, from bhapa to bhaja of Bengali cooking.

It is the perfect place to relish a perfect Bengali meal when you crave it next or want to show it off to people from abroad.



5th floor, house 49, road 11, Banani. Phone – 01984332299

Time: 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm, 6.oopm  – 10.30 pm


Guru guru sushi

For the food lover urbanites of Dhaka the sweetest news would be that a brand new restaurant offering authentic cuisine. Guru Guru Sushi, Dhaka’s latest addition to trendy eating out options offers authentic Japanese cuisine. This could be the very first sushi place that offers the food on the conveyor belt where food goes round in the belt and gives the diner the freedom to choose what they want to have. Guru Guru Sushi is the first of its kind Japanese restaurant in Bangladesh.

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The decor of the place is simple and clean though inviting enough. Spacious, with minimalist accessorising, the restaurant has wooden tables and benches to dine and a sushi bar with the belt. The floor to ceiling glass window lets the sun come in and brighten up the place. The open kitchen gives the customers a full view of the kitchen and chefs cooking up a storm.

Moving to the menu, it includes the ever delicious salmon to the taste-bud teasing wasabi sauces.

‘Guru Guru Sushi offers the widest choice of the Japanese delicacies, and they all are freshly prepared and served’, says M Abdul Mukit, one of the owners who came up with the idea of this venture. This casual dining place makes sure that each item on the menu has a distinct taste. They have kept the prices very affordable starting from Tk 50 to Tk 300. Besides there are bento boxes priced Tk 599 (kiddo), Tk 799, Tk 999 and Tk 1,199.

The chef with speciality in sushi does not fail to bring innovation and variation to the menu by adding local ingredients with the Japanese twist. Hence Along with the maki, sushi, tempura, sashimi, rice, noodle, miso soup do not forget to try specialities like spicy tuna, rainbow sushi etc. Guru Guru Sushi offers abundance of gastronomical delights with its variety and preparation.

Drop by when you are out for a Japanese lunch or dinner next time.



4th floor, house 49, road 11, Banani. Phone – 0184332299

Time : 1 – 3 pm, 6 to 1030 pm

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