Of Jewels and charms


by Tazkia Tarannum and Rajnin Farzana

Jewellery has been the object of adoration to humankind since the dawn of time. It used to symbolize status, enhance beauty or ward off evil- being an inseparable part of civilizations across the world. Similarly, ornaments in Bangladesh have its own proud history of design and pattern too. Gold, silver and bronze being the primary medium, katai work, meenakari and stone setting adorning various ornaments are still beautifully crafted here.

One of civilization’s earliest forms of adornment these embellishments can drastically transform any look. A simple strand of a gleaming stone necklace worn with monochromatic attire effortlessly creates a graceful look. Sometimes a plain outfit can be transformed into a playful one if you pair it with funky jewellery.

Whatever may be the medium of designing, jewellery requires certain degree of finesse. Many age old methods of crafting, production techniques, and raw materials from ages ago are still being used these days. Yet, rapid developments in technology and machinery now offer artisans easier alternatives to modify some of the previous methods. These advancements have also transformed the significance and social weight of jewellery.

From simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting of modern day, we now have many options to choose from in terms of designs, patterns and motifs. Matching ornament with different outfits is no longer a challenge. There are numerous online stores and jewellery shops exhibiting new designs and trends. Nowadays it is easy to keep up with top jewellery trends right from our fingertips.

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Since Eid is knocking on our door, read on to find the perfect match of jewellery to complete your look.

A pair of gold earring or even a simple gold chain holds a graceful classic charm. However, considering the safety issues and our budget many women these days opt for plated jewelleries. Those still favouring traditional ornaments can easily create their much coveted look with plated jewellery. They shine just as bright as gold and silver.

Generally, plating is the process through which a piece of jewellery made from a certain metal or alloy is covered with a layer of another metal. Mainly silver is used as the base metal and then it is enamelled or oxidized to coat it in antique or gold colour.

Plated pieces make a huge difference in terms of price as they are usually cheaper than solid ones. If money is an important consideration, you might want to go for them. In addition to that if you take good care of them by keeping them away from water, wrapping up in cotton after usage they will last a long time.

A varied option of long necklace, chokers, multi-layered chains, bracelets, bangles, finger rings, ear rings and nose pins are available in gold plates.

Chokers are back on trends again. These days they are available in almost all the markets and jewellery shops. A gold plated or enamelled choker ornamented with varieties of gemstones or beads is enough to accentuate any festive look.

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Also, a piece of gold plated necklace is a safe and classic choice. Those who are not comfortable with choker or necklace can opt for long beaded necklace with a large crafted pendant. A vibrant locket adorned with gem stone, centred on a necklace offers a fuss free look in this summery Eid.

 Naths are a very traditional piece of ornament. They can be a fun alternative to nose pins too. They are available in many options. Sometimes just a long string of beads attached to your golden nath is enough to glam up the look. You can also find the iconic naths worn by Bibi Russel in various shops too.

Many of us associate our childhood Eids to the clicking of our mother’s bangles as they made delicious Eid dishes. Those fond of vintage jewellery can go for classic designs in plain round bangles or stone studded ones. For fusion lovers or to compliment your contemporary look you may go for funky square or triangular shaped bangles offered in antique, oxidised or gold plated medium.

Long golden earrings say a lot if you choose to avoid necklaces. As the temperature is constantly rising many ladies settle for single tops, stone studded earrings or just whoops. To add a touch of uniqueness some of the earrings available in the markets exhibit complex designs inspired by the Mughals or Egyptians.

If gold is not your thing, you can opt for jewelleries crafted from chandelier crystals. You can choose from a range of radiant crystal earrings, finger rings, nose pins and bangles. Depending on your mood and occasions you can mix and match these or just wear a single piece to keep it simple. Pieces in precious, semi-precious stones look equally good with classic and contemporary looks.

Whether you want to dazzle with your jewels or add an elegant charm to your overall look, jewelleries give you the perfect excuse to rise and shine on Eid mornings. May your Eid be as sparkly as your jewellery.

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