Clippers and scissors for men


by Islam Sadequle

Taking specialized help in body care is no more a luxury rather it has become a necessity nowadays. For years, it was taken for granted that it is women who had the right to spend hours dressing up for an outing while the typical man are allowed only a few minutes. But men are now more conscious about their looks and their attire, more specifically the youngsters.

Moreover, to look a bit more tidy and trendy it is recommended to take hair and skin treatments at least once a month for both male and female. Parlours for men have mushroomed over the last decade and they all offer something different for an individual’s hair and facial needs. These hair and facial treatments also help men take better care of their hair and skin to combat the effects of the pollution and dust of Dhaka.

Whatever the reason, men have started caring more about their personal hygiene and looks and the salons have come up with treatments to help them. This week Trends will provide you the information of three men’s salon which provides more facilities than just cutting hair and trimming beards only.



Razors and Scissors:

 Razors and Scissors is another salon that fulfils your needs of skincare, hair styling, laser hair removal and body-massage. It combines beauty with relaxation. The place has a luxurious surrounding and an inspiring ambiance to set a perfect setting for a soothing experience. You can choose from a menu of personalized treatments, advanced skincare techniques and relaxing massages to reduce stress and restore vitality.

This salon has a wide variety of body massage options that remove stress and refreshes your body. The Swedish massage is a very smooth yet a powerful technique for deep relaxation and detoxification. By using the smooth stick and rubbing in the Swedish technique, this massage gives you maximum relaxation. The aroma massage is the skilled and controlled use of essentials oils that has both physical and psychological effects. Oil is a great healer and the beautiful fragrance can soothe and calm your mind along with revitalizing your spirit.Forma2-back to back

The price for 90 minutes is Tk 3,200, for 60 minutes Tk 2,300 and Tk 2,200 for 45 minutes. There are also traditional Indian, Thai and Therapeutic massage and the price for that in 90 minutes is Tk 2,500, for 60 minutes it is Tk 1,900 and Tk 1,800 for 45 minutes. The salon also offers body spa, body scrub and cleansing. Beside the regular service, Razors and Scissors have packages for special occasions too.

The well-trained experts are there to handle bridegroom preparations which include beautification, styling and altogether carrying out a complete make-over for the special day. The price of a one day package is Tk 8,500 and for two days it is Tk 9,500. ‘We thrive to extend service and relaxation to our customer in a cosy environment,’ said Bulbul Islam, owner of Razors and Scissors.

Razors & Scissors offers their clients a variety of hair care and styling services. There are a number of standard and popular haircuts and hair services like trimming, shaving and hair settings that are provided here. The prices of haircuts start from Tk 350. Additional services like ironing, straightening, re-bonding, dyeing and colouring are also offered for men.



41, Kemal Ataturk Avenue,

Banani, Dhaka.



Persona Menz:

Over the last 19 years, Persona has been a remarkable brand in the beauty industry. ‘Persona Menz’ which opened in 2010 is another milestone to their journey of almost two decades. They offer unique hair styling and care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that carries an air of elegance.

One can see men of all ages here but there are more executives that are interested in their image and appearance, a major part of which is healthy and styled hair. This parlour caters to a wider range of male needs. Starting from haircuts to shampoo to shaves, one can even change one’s hair colour. They also have specialists who look at the client’s hair and suggest a specific treatment, for example for hair loss.Forma1-front

Their hair treatment costs between Tk 750 to Tk 1,200. Facials are the most popular here which includes oxy bright, oxy collagen, bright nourishing, pigmentation, pimple treatment, deep cleansing that start from Tk 1,000 and  may go up to Tk 3,000.  ‘Thermoherb’ is a wrinkle lift treatment for ageing, sagging and dry skin.

To feel pampered, men can also do pedicure and manicure here within Tk 1,600. At Persona, there are other exclusive treatments such as the hair colour, fair polish, full body massage etc. Depending on the duration and service their body massage varies between Tk 1,500 to Tk 2,000.

‘Customers are among our organization’s most valuable assets. Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in giving attention to our customers,’ said Mahbuba Akter Rajoni, branch manager of Persona, Pragati Sarani Branch.



Ga-2, Suvastu Nazar Valley, 3rd floor,

Pragati Sharani, Shahjadpur, Dhaka-1212



Adonis Makeover Salon

Adonis Makeover Salon is situated at road 27 of Dhanmondi. A large, spacious area, the salon offers haircut, colour, rebonding, hair spa, body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure etc. Undercut, Fade, Mohawk, Pompadour, Fire Cut are a few of the haircut services available at the salon. Fire Cut is a unique haircutting technique that is only offered at Adonis in Bangladesh. Suitable for straight hair, Fire Cut requires the hair to be literally set on fire to add volume and bounce to it.

Forma2-back to back

The spa services include Diamond Facial, Vitamin C Facial, Whitening Gold Facial, Adonis Herbal Facial etc. Haircut and styling services are available for women as well. However, the spa services are exclusively catered to men. Haircuts at Adonis start from as low as Tk 200 and are available for all ages. Hair and facial treatments range from Tk 600 and above. Adonis remains open seven days a week from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Address: House no.3 ( The building next to Rapa Plaza), Road 27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka




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