Muze: Style is in the details

by Tajnim Imami

Suit is the classic attire for men that have tirelessly and successfully reinvented itself through centuries. The texture, cut and complementary hues are vital in the design of a suit. But it can be taken to a whole another level of individual style with accessories. Even though, accessories for men are usually understated and sparse, ties, pocket squares and lapel pins have stood the test of time. Socks are another area of expression that can be cool, casual, crazy and all things in between. Muze, founded on March 26 this year, is a Dhaka based online store for these accessories that bring together a suit beautifully.


Muze is the brainchild of the couple Zayan Rivaan Bari and Mayeesha Rabbani. With a fine taste for fashion, Zayan and Mayeesha set out to bring about the finesse in men’s fashion by contributing something of their own to the local fashion industry. The couple chooses the fabrics for the pocket squares and lapel pins from both local and foreign sources. The pocket squares are hand stitched locally and the lapel pins are made abroad.  Every piece and combination available at Muze are carefully thought out and elegantly put together.

Available in cotton and silk- satin mix, the collection at Muze is eclectic. There is something for every man, whether he likes simple and unassuming colours and patterns or striking and flamboyant ones. Floral, paisley, gingham, polka dots and many other prints are available at this online store. The arrangement of each piece is meticulously combined with complementary patterns and hues and suitably named with a sense of flair. Osaka Bloom has a beautiful pink, silk satin mix pocket square blooming with cherry blossoms, accompanied by a rosy mauve lapel pin, a greyish lilac foulard tie and argyle socks. English Blossom has a light pistachio coloured cotton canvas for a pocket square with little pink roses floating around curious little children playing amongst letter motifs.

It is matched with a teal, silk rose lapel pin and polka dotted charcoal socks. London Bridge sports a copper brown, polka dotted pocket square with a pristine white rose lapel pin, a maroon paisley tie and black and grey argyle socks. Such names and combinations provide a sense of personal touch to the collections. However, the same combo is not repeated once it is sold out in order to maintain exclusivity. Sets of pocket squares paired with lapel pins are also available without socks. Customers have access to the individual pieces as well so that they can pick and choose to customize their own combination.

Forma2-back to back

There are many codes to wearing men’s accessories. Usually placed on the same side, the pocket square and lapel pin must not overshadow each other in size, pattern or colour and complement each other as well as the tie and the rest of the ensemble. In fact, the way Zayan and Mayeesha put together texture with colours and patterns make Muze collections a wonderful source of class and sophistication.

A set with a pocket square, a lapel pin, a tie and a pair of socks are priced at Tk 5,000. A set without a tie is Tk 2,200. A pair of pocket square and lapel pin cost Tk 1,800 and a single pocket square is Tk 595. The products are wrapped with care in dark parchment paper and a warm little greeting card and delivered in small brown boxes. Customers can place an order on their Facebook page through inbox messages.

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