RJ Sharmeen: More than just a voice


Tehreen Islam


We listen to her for hours and she has become a part of our weekly routine. There exists a bond between us and she makes us smile, laugh, talk and sing with her.  She is the face of FM radio and she is none other than Gazi Sharmeen Ahmed, popularly known as  RJ Sharmeen. A celebrity in the FM arena, Sharmeen is a voice we love and admire with some very popular shows under her belt. Today we will  know more about this amazing personality.


Her story with FM radio started in 2009 when she joined ABC radio as a producer. She got actively involved with the station and its programs and was often heard on air through outdoor broadcasts, weather update, traffic updates etc. Appreciations started to flow in and soon enough the programme director took notice of it. The station decided to put her on a show and hence her journey began as an RJ.

She fondly remembers the first show and laughs out loud saying, ‘On my first show, I excitedly sat on the chair in the studio and it just broke.’ Gradually her confidence grew and she started doing more shows and gained popularity. When asked about her favourite memory so far, she says, ‘Once I went to cover the Banglalink Jagoroner Gaan launch concert in Kamalapur and I was completely engrossed in the music. My work was a reflection of the way I felt. After coming back to the station, I saw that our CEO was there to receive me and I was highly complimented by all. I will always cherish that particular day.’

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At present, she’s the executive producer and host of some very popular shows of the station. Among her shows, Prem Rog and Kuasha are her flagship and the most acclaimed ones. Kuasha is all about mystery and thriller stories which are dramatised and shared with the listeners. ‘We have a new story every week – classics or unsolved real life cases.  I have a team of script writers who works on my ideas and do a wonderful job of preparing stories that are full of suspense and thrill,’ she says.  Interestingly the stories were so popular that compilations of stories were published by her on Boimela from 2015 to 2017.

Her other show Prem Rog is completely opposite of Kuasha. It’s a comic relief for the listeners of radio. It’s about a fictional young man from Old Dhaka and his weekly love affairs. It also spreads information on Old Dhaka, right pronunciation of words and others things via comedy. Rj Sharmeen also hosts a live musical game show where she sings as well as hosts.


Speaking of music, this multi-talented personality is a trained and certified singer as well. She learned classical music since childhood from Kalim Sharafi. Later, she was trained by the renowned singer Rezwana Choudhury Bannya. She highly appreciates her contribution in shaping her life and lifestyle practices. ‘Bannyadi wasn’t only a teacher but also a mentor who has been a great influence on my life,’ she says.  She has a single with Hridoy Khan and the music video of the song is on its way.


Sharmeen feels her diversified cultural persona is a reflection of her family background and upbringing. Growing up under the influence of her father, Gazi  Shahabuddin Ahmed who was the editor and publisher of Sachitra Sandhani, has always given her the inspiration to explore her interests and talents. She remembers her father, who recently passed away with great respect and honour and says, ‘It’s because of him that we had such rich exposure to art and culture.’


Sharmeen prepares herself for her shows with a lot of music, reading and being alert of the happenings around us. She feels people wait for the shows and it’s only fair if she is well prepared and well spoken. For those who want to take RJing as career, she says ‘It’s a wonderful career. There was a time when it was considered as a hobby only but now it’s a full-fledged career which is versatile and dynamic.’

The FM scenario has also developed over the years, according to her. ‘There has been significant advancement in FM radio scenario both digitally and technically. People’s attitude has changed too and that is a very positive sign,’ she adds.


Multi-talented and diverse, Gazi Sharmeen Ahmed is someone who surely can win the heart of millions and that’s exactly what she is doing. Her pleasant attitude and friendly persona makes her even more special to all. A wonderful human being, she is truly a reflection of today’s successful woman.

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