Rahsaan Noor: A global actor

by Tehreen Islam

Bursting into the limelight with ‘Simanaheen’ back in 2013, Rahsaan Noor became one of the most promising actors of new age Bengali cinema on global map. A Bangladeshi – American actor, Rahsaan is getting noticed and stealing shows all around the world with his acting calibre. At present, the 30-year-old actor is gearing up for his upcoming release ‘Bengali Beauty’ and we can’t wait to see more of him.


Rahsaan Noor has his feet firmly on the ground even after the praises and accolades he receives and that is what makes him special. Born and raised in United States, his fluent and perfect Bengali is a result of his parents’ compulsory Bengali tuition as a child. He studied Economics and International Relations and interned directly under for Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mumammad Yunus. If that’s not impressive enough, he is also a star basketball player.  But all these couldn’t distract him from his passion – movies.


Trained in writing and acting from The Second City, a renowned acting school he got a chance to write, direct and act in a Bengali film, made for charity named Kings of Devon. The movie got screened in a much bigger way than it was planned and hence one thing led to another, making him bag his role in Simanaheen.

This film gave him the name and fame as it became a commercial success and won accolades for new-age Bengali cinema’s representation globally. Simanaheen released in theatres worldwide on Valentine’s Day 2013 and in Bangladesh on March 2013, taking him to new heights of popularity. The film was a romantic tale of two people from two different religions, set in two different time period.

The performances, story, making and music received much positive response. ‘The movie opened with occupancy of 70–80% in theatre’s over its opening weekend, despite of the fact that it was a troubled period in the county because of Shahbag movement,’ he said.

The year 2015 marked his debut in Bollywood as he starred in the Indo-American film called The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim opposite the Dhobi Ghaat famed actress Monica Dogra. The film was story of a rap artist who becomes a police informer and he played the lead role of Taz Rahim. His dedication and hard work was seen on screen while playing the role of the wannabe rapper. ‘Every time I play a role, I research and rehearse till I can play it with perfection,’ he adds.


This December we will see Rahsaan playing the role of a radio presenter of Bangladesh Betar, set in Dhaka during 1970, in the film, Bengal Beauty. The story goes on to portray the love story between him and the beautiful daughter of an army general being played by the model and actress Toya. ‘It’s a love story with politics on the background. It’s a very interesting story and we tried to portray as much of 70’s as we could’, says Rahsaan.



Being an actor who has worked in different film industries of the world, he tries to absorb as much he can and learn from each experience. ‘I keep learning everyday and improving myself.  I feel I have improved much in The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim than Simanaheen,’ says the actor.

The actor hasn’t forgotten his other passion basketball and plays whenever he gets time. Reading, watching movies, interesting conversations and ideas keep him engaged and entertained. He wants to play interesting roles and give him 100% as an actor, adding, ‘In America they call me Indian, in India they call me Bangladeshi and in Bangladesh they call me American. I want to be a global actor.’

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