Pottery- the next big trend





by Islam Sadequle

Pottery is an ancient art and making things from burnt clay has been part of human experience for many thousands of years. In the past few years, pottery has crept out of the knickknack shop and into the realm of fashion. Nowadays, earthenware has evolved into several different forms. People love earthenware- plates, shankis, trays, mugs, bowls, and even tea sets are a rage now. They come in all different sizes and shapes, with beautiful patterns and embellishments.

The wall hangings (framed and unframed) artwork, masks, figurines, etc. can be used to decorate your walls. Locally manufactured, these pottery items can very easily spice up your interior on a low budget. Today, Trends will tell you all about places where trendy earthenware items can be found around Dhaka.


Idea Crafts:

Idea Crafts defines itself as a craft shop where unique ideas are combined with excellent craftsmanship to create beautiful, creative and vibrant products. Their designs are completely out of the box, yet perfectly suitable for everyday need. They have a great collection of earthenware’s alongside metal and wooden items and each terracotta pot in their exclusive pot range come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

Their clay products are remarkably painted, dazzled or bejewelled. Alongside the usual pottery items, some of their decor pieces of Ganesh, Shiv, Radha- Krishna, Buddha along with some depicting the prayers and hymns of Muslim belief. If you would rather go for wall hangings, masks and mirrors, Idea Crafts has them too.

The most striking item you will find here is their terracotta wall mats which are prepared by artists from Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Starting from Tk 500 they have pieces that range up to Tk 7,000. You can find wonderful terracotta panels as well within Tk 2,000.

‘Our main target is to promote Bengali heritage and to let people know more about it. Hence, we try to sell items at a very reasonable price with a minimum profit,’ said Shayamol Chandra Saha, the owner of Idea crafts. The products of Idea Crafts are pleasant and soothing to the senses and would certainly make you want to use them.

Idea Crafts

2/7, Sir Syed road,

Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Phone: 02 9134654




Jatra, an exclusive fashion house working on clothes, home décor and handicraft products along with other things has a collection of earthenware which are exclusively handmade and exceptionally designed. Their clay based candle holders shaped as bird, fish, tortoise and flowers and folk arts inspired terracotta pots can easily grab your attention.

Terracotta candles are priced between Tk 240 to Tk 390. Besides, they have tea pots, cups, pradip, plate and penholder which retain the original earthenware tone. Pradips may cost Tk 260 whereas the price of a designed clay pot depends on their size and shape. They have an elaborate pottery section which works on preparing traditional earthenware in an artistic way. ‘We would like to revive our own heritage of pottery and we are working on it,’ said the outlet manager of Jatra.

(2nd floor) 60, Kemal Ataturk Avenue

Banani, Banani Model Town

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hours: 10.00 am- 9.00 pm




Roadside galore:

Glazed and unglazed pots, figurines of birds and animals, and many other items are easily available almost anywhere such as the Shishu Academy, Mirpur Road and along the sidewalks of Dhaka College. The long parade of earthenware would certainly catch your attention since the picturesque pots and dolls and animals are fine examples of superb craftsmanship.

The clay plates and bowls available here may prove useful during Pahela Baishakh and other occasions. Starting from Tk 40 price may go up to Tk 2,000 depending on the size and the quality of the product. While talking to one of the sellers beside Dhaka College, he informed that they buy these potteries directly from Patuakhali and if someone orders they provide the customers with the product he or she wants.

Roadside shops occupy the huge pavements from Supreme Court to Shishu Academy (beside Doyel Chattor) where a number of stalls sell giant to tiny decor pieces, jewellery, flower tubs, vases etc. Their collections vary a lot as they have some unique products along with rather ordinary ones. However, if you take a closer look, the products may prove to be of value for your money provided you know how to bargain for them.




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