Staying healthy with Lean Nation


by Rummana Ferdous Fagun


Staying healthy while being surrounded by all kinds of appetizing food such as fried, cheesy delights and delicacies high in fats is a test many fail to overcome. However, staying healthy doesn’t mean excluding all kind of flavoursome food from your diet and this is where  ‘Lean Nation’ comes in and helps you keep track of everything you eat as they provide healthy and tasty food you need for the day according to your body type.


Lean Nation was born as a result of its founder, Nadvie Ahmed’s sudden dedication to lose weight. It was right after he had gotten back from a holiday. He was shocked to see how much weight he had put on and it was then that he decided to come up with a healthy 1,100-1,200 calories meal plan. Two of his friends had agreed to take upon this challenge with him. His new meal plan along with some light exercises helped him move closer towards his goal in a short time.


That’s when he realized that this could work for others too and since they were still in the experimenting phase, they started giving away free weekly meals to their friends and families. Word got out, weighing scales started tipping left and Lean Nation was born in September 2016.


People are becoming more conscious and aware of the food they are eating, but even if people want to eat healthy, they are constrained by the lack of choices. Given our culture and environment it’s not always possible to cook healthy food at home. Lean Nation grabbed this opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy meals along with consulting the clients.
‘Currently we are providing a protein enriched meal plan, which focuses on fat loss. It’s extremely important to retain muscle mass during the process of losing weight. Our meals are designed to ensure just that. We have a few clients who have been with us from the very beginning and have enthusiastically agreed to try out the new meal plan (which is still at a trial phase) called the Ketogenic Diet,’ says Nadvie Ahmed about the available diet plans.


Apart from their provided diet plan small alterations also have to be made for some. Some clients’ routines include vigorous exercise (National Team Cricketers, professional workout instructors or athletes) and often times they aren’t looking to lose weight. Some clients might prefer certain food types to others and they try to cater to those needs. Lean Nation is still at a toddler phase and with the enormous support from clients, they hope to grow big to provide customized and personalized meal plans.


Right now, they are serving about 30 to 60 clients a day. A lot of them are repeat clients and a common pattern is that most clients subscribe to Lean Nation for a couple weeks and then take a break, before coming back to their diet again.


One of their clients, Umer Aiman Khan shared his experience saying, ‘I lost 3.5 kg in one week without any exercise and just continuing with my regular life; the meals are very filling and they taste amazing .The delivery team has always been on time in the morning to deliver freshly cooked meals for the day. I did not feel hungry even for a single second; to sum it up I literally did nothing to lose weight.’


Their packages have three variants. You can take three meals excluding breakfast for Tk 5,000 a week whereas including the breakfast would cost you Tk 1,000 extra i.e Tk 6,000 per week for four meals each day – breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Another alternative would be a monthly plan that would cost Tk 20,000 for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner every day.


Lean Nation Bangladesh and Project Lean Nation based in the USA aren’t connected in anyway. After flirting with many names for the organization including – Fit Republic, Lean Republic etc they came up with Lean Nation. It struck them so much that even after googling and finding out that such a name already existed, they stood by it. They have been helping people to lead a healthier life ever since.


So, feel free to contact them on their Facebook page or simply call +880173708157.

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