Google pays tribute to Humayun Ahmed

The nation was surprised and elated to see the home page of Google on the November 13 as  Google paid tribute to celebrated Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed on his birthday with a Google Doodle picture.

The Google search engine site often honours events and personalities who are distinguished and prominent through its Doodle header image, according to specific regions. This particular doodle showed Humayun Ahmed sitting with tea and a book amidst nature which is believed to be Nuhash Polli with Himu, a admired and popular character from his novels. Google in this regards stated, ‘Although formally trained as a chemist, Ahmed found his true calling as a writer. He authored over 200 books, many of which were best sellers and eight of which were made into films.  Ahmed is often credited with revitalising Bengali literature. His unique storytelling style captures the oral tradition and rhythm at the root of Bangla, bringing to life the stories and aspirations of traditional middle class and rural families. A nature lover, Ahmed found refuge in his estate of Nuhash Polli, a wonderland he designed himself and where he collected statues, flora, and fauna from all over the world. Today’s Doodle imagines Ahmed at his estate, meeting with Himu, a much-loved character from his novels who preferred the life of a vagabond and walked everywhere!’

The writer, son of late Foyzur Rahman Ahmed and Ayesha Foyez, was born on Nov 13, 1948 and would have turned 69 this year. Humayun Ahmed died on July 19, 2012.


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