Newton’s Archive: Between tales and flickers of flame

by Tajnim Imami

17349833_238157286657376_1910901856793889085_o 17952617_250391178767320_891866750111914254_n 17966133_250393848767053_4392175743098024686_o 19984173_291897331283371_2354806260424867590_o 22528951_327140571092380_1775080527014599816_oA beautiful fragrance can transport one into the realms of dearly held memories or a world of wild imagination. Pages of tales immortalized in ink have the same effect in the psyche of the reader. When such experiences are combined with the soft, golden glow of a divinely scented candle, the synthesis can be divine. Whether it is a solemn, spiritual ceremony, a cozy afternoon of reading books or a romantic dinner, scented candles are essential in creating the atmosphere. And bookmarks are the intervals between the thousands of lives a reader lives. Newton’s Archive is the online abode where these two things are made with a great sense of warmth and wanderlust.

The handcrafted scented candles and beautiful bookmarks are a testament to their passion for books, movies and music. The four friends, Sabrina Rahman, Rahnuma Ahsan Raima, Ishmam Shafi and Aurni Tasnim, initially ran a fashion and tutorial blog named Newton and Bardot, intended to signify brain and beauty respectively. After agreeing to a stall offer last year, they received the pleasant surprise of being nearly sold out of all their art pieces and candles on the first day. So, the ladies took it seriously, especially given the untapped market for handcrafted scented candles in Bangladesh, and launched the official Facebook page of Newton’s Archive on January 26, 2017.

The themed candles of Newton’s Archive are an absolute delight to experience. I’ll be There For You, inspired by the 90’s sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is one of the most beloved scented candles made by NA. Layered with the scents of coffee, cream and caramel, and peppered with some wax shavings and coffee bits on top, the candle is a reminder of an endearing little jar of delicious latte that can instantly transport anyone to the cozy little sofa of Central Perk witness to so much life and laughter.

Sherlock’s rich blend of tobacco, smoky oak and musk is perfectly evocative of the enigmatic detective with his trademark pipe prancing around the streets of London solving the most mind bending crimes. Winter is Here is a Game of Thrones themed candle that is not shy of the frozen hinterlands hiding the secrets behind the cold azure eyes of the White Walkers. It’s cool refreshing scents of pine, eucalyptus and fresh mint emote the shrouded mystery of a misty winter morning here in reality or the haunting of the frozen forests beyond the wall in the minds of the avid reader.

The bookmarks of Newton’s Archive are just as gorgeous as the candles. With words and phrases from a bookworm’s universe, the hardy little strips of paper are designed and crafted with care by the ladies of NA. The words and quotes range from elevating to exciting to melancholic and never fail to stir the heart for the search of some more stories to read. The bookmark bearing Hermoine Granger’s exclamation ‘Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery’ sums up the spirit of NA.

The delightfully scented candles of Newton’s Archive range from Tk 600 to Tk 850 while the beautiful bookmarks are around Tk 70. Fragrant, erudite and slightly nerdy at times, Newton’s Archive is a little gem made of ink, paper, wax and aroma.

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