Fashion enterprise association of Bangladesh

3 FinalAlong with celebrating the victory day in various manners Bengalis like to bring an aura of independence in their clothes too. Endeavors are made to spread the red and green colours in the clothes to bring out the essence of independence.

The member organizations of the Fashion Enterprise Association of Bangladesh (FEAB) such as Nipun Craft, Kay Kraft, Anjan’s, Rang Bangla, Sada Kalo, Banglar Mela, Deshal, Nogordola, M. Craft, Srishti, Nandan Kutir, Kapor-e-Bangla, Megh, Baluchor, Reluse and Farhana Fashion are bringing forth panjabi , shirt, sari, shalwar kamiz, tops and many other type of clothing’s keeping the Victory Day in mind.

Troyi Grooming and Styling Studio was an assisting partner in the photoshoot.

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