Moong Pakan Pitha  


Rice flour 1 cup

Moong dal 1 cup

Flour 2 tbsp.

Egg 1(beaten)

Cardamom 3/4 pieces

Sugar 1 cup (for syrup)

Oil for deep fry

Salt 1 tsp. or your choice



Grind cardamom seeds and keep aside.

Wash dal. Place 3 cups water into a deep pan. Add dal to the water and boil until it becomes soft, then stir it continuously to make it paste. If needed add more warm water. When dal becomes thick and the water is reduced add rice flour, grinded cardamom, flour and salt, mix it continuously. When it becomes dry enough to make dough, remove it from the pan into a mixing bowl. It should not be too soft.

Add a beaten egg and knead it well to form dough. Divide the dough to medium size balls. Take one ball on a rolling board and spread it with a rolling pin to make a 1 cm thick sheet. Cut and design pitha according to your choice with shaper and toothpick.

Put 1 cup sugar with 1/4 cup water and boil it. When sugar melts and syrup becomes thick enough, turn off the heat. You can test the thickness by placing one drop of syrup on the side of pan with a spoon. If the drop stands on the side it is thick enough.

Heat oil in the pan and fry the pithas until both side become brown. Do not hurry during fry otherwise pitha will remain uncooked inside.

When the frying is done, place the pithas in a paper towel to soak the oil and then put this in the syrup. Flip the both side into syrup for 30-40 seconds, then take it out in a plate.

Cool down to the room temperature and serve. You can preserve this in an airtight box.

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