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by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

18489787_1583922834972171_775802855583269542_o 18518313_1583924254972029_1153273491561583661_oWhile considering the purchase of T-shirts there’s always the dilemma of buying a random one or going for something a bit high end. The Apparel, has been bringing out quality T-shirts with contemporary, designs that too with a very reasonable price and is surely the place one should check out for buying the desired ones.

‘The Apparel’ first came into being as an online page in 2010. While talking about its inception the owner Hasan Mahboob reminisced that in 2005-6 while studying in East West University he could never get T-shirts with designs he liked, they were just bland or not up to the mark in case of quality. So, he had planned to make T-shirts himself so that the next generation doesn’t face the same problem.

When the shop was first opened the fabrics were collected from a third party. However, from 2015 they started sourcing the threads only and doing the knitting themselves, ensuring the quality of the fabric. They print their own designs which mean customers can choose their own designs. Customizability scores some serious bonus points here.

Now, the shop isn’t only online based as they have opened two outlets in the span of one year. The outlet at Plaza AR was opened in March last year and the Bashundhara City outlet was inaugurated this year.

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Every few months they come up with a new line of clothes perfect for the season. This fall they brought out a number of T-shirts with designs of TV series and movies like Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy or cute cartoons like Garfield, Snoopy and more. They have a wide range of T-shirts with eye-catching prints of superheroes, beautiful locations, cartoons, quotes, abstract and so much more. They didn’t forget to create for sports enthusiasts too. You can choose prints of your favourite sports team as well. T-shirts of various sizes are available at the outlets and in the online store for both men and women.

They are not only a T-shirt shop as they have so much more to offer. They also sell hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, normal pants along with a few other apparels and accessories. They have a great collection of funky and standard winter wear. With winter here at a lightning speed their hoodies can be a great way to upgrade your wardrobe. They have a collection of bags and shoes as well; grab one on the way out to complete your outfit.

They have sunglasses too for your days out in the sun. Other than these, they have something unique up for sale called bag-tags that are basically rubber tags which are supposed to be attached to your bag so that it is easily recognizable, avoiding mix ups.

Overall, they have so much to offer that you will end up choosing at least a handful of things for yourself and the best thing is that you won’t even have to burn a hole through your wallet. Their T-shirts cost only Tk 350, hoodies range from Tk 650 to Tk 850; sweatshirts are Tk 590 while sweatpants are about Tk 800.

Getting quality clothes at a reasonable price is a challenge not to be taken lightly. In this case, ‘The Apparel’ aces the game.

To get the detailed location of their outlets or to order online just visit the Facebook page ‘The Apparel’ or call +8801617779920.

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