Teler Pitha


Rice flour 1 cup

Atta flour 1/2 cup

Jaggery  (grated) / Brown sugar-3/4 cup or according to your taste

Salt 1/4 tsp.

Oil- for deep fry

Method:maxresdefault (1)

Soak jaggery with little warm water and mix well. There should not be any lumps.

Put rice flour and flour to a mixing bowl. Mix well. Add jaggery and knead well. Add little warm water and make a batter. The batter should be thick like cake batter. Cover the bowl and keep it for about 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a deep pan and when the oil is hot enough take a spoon full of batter and pour it in the oil.

If oil is heated perfectly then pitha will remain in the bottom for few seconds and then puff up. When it puffs up flip the side and fry. Take out on a paper towel to soak the extra oil.

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