‘Sweets of Bengal’ launches in Gulshan Avenue


by Alvee Khan

‘Sweet of Bengal’ (Banglar Mishti) held its inauguration ceremony on Monday, December 18. The initiative aims to bring sweetmeats from various Bangladeshi districts from Bangladesh, and hopes it will add a new feature to the culinary crown of Dhaka city.

Minister of Cultural Affairs Asaduzzaman Noor, MP inaugurated the shop in a cordial homely event organized by Bengal foundation. Invited guests of Bengal, foreign delegates as well as journalists from print and electronic media were present at the event.

Asaduzzaman Noor proclaimed his rejoice with the initiative and shared an intimate incident of a sweet shop he stumbled upon in Rajshahi, where 16 variations of sweets were presented to him, and he tried all of them out. He hoped that through this initiative, Dhaka dwellers can taste the delighting flavours present throughout the country, and learn of the heritage associated with this artisan culture.

Distributing sweets is a way of sharing and spreading happiness among near and dear ones. However, many fail to realize that this is an inherent part of any celebration or festival in Bangladesh. Bengal has obtained a diversified assortment of sweets that are specialties of the different districts of our country. Sweets of Bengal aims to present the deserts of every region to the whole country as well as informing the people of the traditional expertise, craftsmanship and finesse the makers of these sweets render behind creating these signature flavours.

The knowledge and expertise required making sweetmeats have to be inherited, curated and preserved with utmost care, and Bengal envisions to kick start the pride associated with this beautiful artisanal work across the country. Sweets of Bengal will spread the message across the city about these delicacies while enabling consumers to devour various kinds of sweets under the same roof.ARX_1214_resize

Sweets of Bengal proudly boast a huge range of sweets from various regions of Bangladesh. The collection boasts 33 types of sweets from various regions, such as Chamcham, Pantoya, Malay Curry, Gopalbhog from Dhaka, Chanar Sandesh, Rosh Golla, Mouchak, Kheer Chamcham from Barishal, Toshi Shinni from Sylhet, Mihi Danar Laddu, Para Sandesh and Kheer Sandesh from Khulna. The collection also boasts Chittagong’s Rosh Malai and Chana Mukhi, Mymensingh’s very own Balish Mishti, Lal Mohon and Sponge golla, as well as Rangpur’s Hapshi Halwa and Apple Sandesh are there. Rajshahi’s Doi, Pustokodom, Hashi Khushi, Lancha Bhog, Roshokodom, Ilish Peti Sandesh, Raj Bhog, Mach Para and Kacha Golla will brighten any sweet lover’s mood.

The cosy and beautiful place is decorated in a classic manner, with wooden wall decorations informing the customers of the brief histories of sweetmeats from various regions of the country.

A folk performance by Labib Kamal Gaurob was held on Tuesday and a jazz performance by Imran Ahmed Trio was held on Wednesday to celebrate the launching.

For many years Bengal has been working to nurture the art, culture and heritage of Bangladesh relentlessly. This initiative to bring together the sweets produced in our country, reminding us of the celebration associated with it, is another step towards that destination.

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