‘Break The Circle – Season VII’ held at Drik

By Alvee Khan

The curtain of this year’s ‘Break The Circle – Season VII’ organized by Islamic University of Technology Photographic Society (IUTPS) went up at Drik Gallery in  Dhaka from December 21 to December 23. The exhibition went on for three days from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Photographs were exhibited in three different sections: single, mobile, breaking stories (photo story/photo series).

A total of 5877 images were submitted from different countries and among them 37 single photographs, 39 mobile photographs, and 5 breaking stories were selected after a panel of judges sorted through them.

The judging panel included 3 prominent names of the photographic scenario. Abir Abdullah, a photojournalist for European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), Syed Latif Hossain, former art director of Dhaka Tribune and Sarker Protick, lecturer at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute and a former member of VII photo agency.

Jewel Paul curated the exhibition. When asked about the challenges he faced, he stated that university level exhibitions have the most diversified submissions of photographs with many other challenges. However, he feels the viewers are the ultimate judges of the exhibition and getting proper responses from them would deem their effort as successful.

Throughout the exhibition days, Drik gallery premises were spry with the presence of photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. Students from various universities of Dhaka visited the gallery to support their friends as well.

Islamic University of Technology’s (IUT) student Shahriar Mahbub Xenan won the 1st prize in single category, with Tausif Rahman of Dhanmondi Tutorial achieving the 2nd prize and Fahim Ahmed winning the 3rd prize. For the mobile category, American International University, Bangladesh (AIUB) student Nafis Abeed won the first prize, Arifin Islam won the second and Dhaka University’s Md. Masayed Hossain won the third prize. Freelancer Nity Jannatul got the honourable mention reserved for breaking story.

The essay from Jannatul’s story that explored the concealed emotions of people, reads ‘the inside characteristics or hidden perspective of others are always harder to see. We saw anyone from a distance, saw their outside perspectives only. However, everyone is masked behind their smiling faces. At a first glance, if we think about the hidden part or hidden faces of a human being, a sense of incompleteness touches us. This incompleteness helps to create a curiosity, a mystery to know more, look further into the lives of these hidden characteristics. I tried to make a hidden feel in all of these pictures.’

Since 2011, IUTPS has been organizing Break the Circle each year with tremendous success. The curtains of the seventh reiteration of the exhibition went down on December 23 with a festive mood. The enthusiastic photographers had face to face conversations with renowned photographers of the industry. Participants returned home with a smile on their face, holding frames of their own photographs.

The exhibition was co-sponsored by chologhuri.com and Sony Alpha (Sony Rangs). Dream Weavers was also present as a co-sponsor as well.

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