Sabrina Karim’s debut children’s fiction ‘The Moon Jumping’ unveiled

by Alvee Khan

The unveiling of the children’s fiction ‘The Moon Jumping’, written by Sabrina Karim was held at the VIP Lounge of National Press Club at 11:30 am on Thursday, December 28.

Eminent artist, painter, sculptor and puppeteer Mustafa Monwar graced the occasion as chief guest. The event was moderated by University of Dhaka’s professor of history department, Dr Asha Islam. Writer and chairman of Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Ms. Selina Hossain could not be present at the event but praised the endeavour in a letter for its brilliant combination of intelligence, fun and entertainment.

The author, Sabrina Karim Murshed is a creative writing facilitator for children. Her career started as a mainstream journalist and afterwards she switched fields to work on development sector, where she worked on children’s rights. A postgraduate in English from Jawharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, Sabrina held a passion for writing since her childhood days. The Moon Jumping is her debut book for children.

Now let us take a peek into the storyline of The Moon Jumping. When Sammy thought he had grown up enough to not believe that cows can jump over the moon, something unbelievable happened. A talking bull wandering outside his window in a cool Bermuda shorts and chic shade introduced himself as Moo and took Sammy to a Cowrnival where he was supposed to participate in ‘Moon jumping’. There Sammy met Moo’s friends and also his foe Oxy, who by any means would stop Moo from participating in the Moon jumping and do a hat trick. Would Moo make it to the hat trick in Moon jumping? Would Sammy be able to help his newly found friend in his time of dire trouble? This is a tale that takes children for a joyride into an imaginary world but also tells them the importance of friendship and difference between right and wrong.

Mustafa Monwar remarked that creative writers in our country should come up with fantastic and fabulous stories like this for the children who have a great love for this kind of work. He emphasized on the fact that such works of fiction assist the children unfold and broaden their own aura of imagination and creativity.

Fiction lovers can get this book at Bengal Boi, Gyankosh, Boi Bichitra and some other bookstores. The book will also be available online at (

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