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In the chaotic madness that is Dhaka, finding a little place of respite may be difficult. However, the eateries around town have become the place of joy and relaxation with their wonderful dishes and cozy interior. Ozz, Open Lounge and Nostalgia Café are three charming and delicious destinations around Dhanmondi that serve scrumptious food to be enjoyed with loved ones in comfort and warmth.

Nostalgic Café

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends or going on a family outing Nostalgic Café is the place to go. Good food and calm environment is the specialty of this place. Since its opening two days before the Pahela Baishakh of 2015, it has been a place of leisurely gatherings and mouth watering delicacies.

The owner of the café, Mohiuddin Niloy shared that he wanted to create a place where people can spend a pleasant time along with some good food. The seating arrangements with school benches, sofas and adda corner give the space versatility. It’s a place to spend time with your loved ones. The name of the restaurant also came from this same thought. The remembrance of past memories brings back memories of time spent with friends and loved ones. The purpose of this restaurant is to bring back the nostalgia of that time and hence the name. Even the décor matches the theme; retro items like auto tempo, cassettes, and gramophones are painted on the walls.

The food matches the classy décor and soothing environment. The dishes are made with the freshest ingredients from the market. Among starters chicken momo is the most popular. The Mexican steak, one of their finest, is served with mashed or grilled potato and sautéed vegetables. There are a few new dishes that have been incorporated in the menu recently which include squid, fried calamari, fish & chips, manchurian chicken, cream of mushroom chicken, beef meat ball. The cream of mushroom chicken is one of the tastier choices. It is served with garlic rice and sautéed vegetables. Among the salads their Cashew nut salad is to die for. Moreover, all of the dishes contain a hefty amount of food, more than sufficient for one person.

To quench your thirst after all that eating you can choose any of the fresh juices, shakes, mocktails and soft drinks they have to offer. Among their mocktails the nostalgic mix is their specialty; it will give you a hint of pineapple along with a few other secret ingredients. These drinks alone can make your time with friends and family more enjoyable.

The prices are quite reasonable if you consider the quality of food they serve and their customer service is top-notch too. For detailed menu you can visit their website or Facebook page.

SMLXL Open Lounge

Open lounge is a simple, little place with a delicious array of burgers. Located at the tip of road 27 of Dhanmondi, the tiny place offers a great open lounge area to bask in the winter sun while having some delightful burgers. The owners frequently found themselves going out for lunch from work with burger as one of their top choices for food. This slowly gave way to an idea to share their kind of food with others and took shape in the form of Open Lounge.

The little eatery serves a range of sizes in burgers and hence the abbreviation of SMLXL in their name (small, medium, large, extra-large). Their burgers are always served fresh and juicy as the patties are made on site. The Lounge Special is a wonderful mix of beef, spicy bacon and bbq sauce with cheddar cheese and jalapeno. The Asian Wasabi Treat Beef Burger drips with the spicy goodness of zingy wasabi mayo balanced by mango sauce on beef with cheddar cheese and grilled onion. The Big Blue Beef Burger is loaded with blue cheese, jalapeno, crispy beef bacon and grilled onions. For a little bite, there is Quick Attack that has less meat and no cheese, yet oozes with just as much taste as the other items. For a sweet companion to the amazing burgers, there are Kitkat shake, Oreo shake, minty fresh lemonade and many more. Coffee at Open Lounge also makes a variety of wonderful items that are made fresh and tasty with gorgeous aroma.

Other than burgers, the place is very popular for its chicken steak and fries topped with special bbq sauce and accompanied by sautéed mushroom. The poutine here is a simple yet scrumptious combo of French fries slathered in molten mozzarella cheese and some delectable gravy. Anyone can get a taste of their yummy burgers between Tk 145 to Tk 500 whereas the other items such as beef steak are Tk 825 and the chicken steak is Tk 415.

Ozz Café

Ozz is a dream project of owner M. K. Raju who has a penchant for storytelling. He wished to make a place that takes visitors into the realm of fantasy and hope. So he weaved a story of a man named Ozz who loved his family and the act of cooking with equal fervour. However, one day, an earthquake destroyed everything that Ozz held dear. In an attempt to save his home from collapsing on his family, he held up the roof with all his might. This desperate moment to protect your loved ones is depicted throughout the restaurant.

The centre of the first floor showcases a man holding up the roof while upstairs his children are seen in a mural running from the catastrophe. The statue of his wife in the middle of the pool on the second floor beautifully captures the serene moments of life that can be shattered in a flash. Building a place of gathering with such a story is intended to send the message that ruins can be rebuilt. Surrounded by lots of greenery and made of wood and bamboo, Ozz is a place that combines the spirit of love and the joy of delicious food with a melancholic yet heart-warming tale.

Among the many appetizing dishes at Ozz, Chicken Pizzarolla and Italian Baked Pasta are the most popular.  With mushroom, capsicum, onions, gherkin and black olive the rolled ring pizza of Chicken Pizzarolla is a delight to share with friends and family. The Chef’s Special Combo serves fried rice and sautéed veggies with some delicious tiger chicken and chilli. The Peri Peri Special with grilled beef, peri peri chicken, peri peri rice, mushroom, capsicum and sautéed vegetables is a dish for those with a taste for spice and a huge appetite. Their newest addition, the Turkish Platter is another giant but mouth-watering dish for four with a full chicken, rice and steamed vegetables. Ozz also serves some wonderful drinks and deserts out of which the item Only Love takes the cake with its delectable chocolate ice cream and wafer swirled in syrup. Foodies can easily get a taste of Ozz between Tk 259 (burgers) to Tk 1,050 (Turkish Platter).

The beautiful and spacious three storied building of Ozz is available for rent for events.

Open 7 days a week (11.00 am to 11.00 pm)

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