For a better and fitter you

by Tazkia Tarannum

Gone are the days when women chose to work out only in their free time. In today’s fast paced world, staying fit has become an essential practice. Not only does it help us handle every day stress better, it also makes us confident from within.

With the advent of social media and the internet, we always come across miraculous moves and detox drinks that promise to bring in transformation overnight. Unfortunately, there is no short cut way to stay fit and healthy. However, if you incorporate small changes in your lifestyle and food habit you will experience positive changes at your core.

In today’s issue, we are highlighting two physical trainers, who are unique in their own right. While one of them deals with high intensity workouts, the other focuses on building your strength through yoga.


Nibras Panni

Before, we had a notion that heavy duty exercises belong to men’s domain. However, it’s equally important for ladies to gain strength. As women go through child birth and many physically demanding chores, it’s essential that they consider gaining strength rather than focusing solely on losing weight.

Nibras Panni helps her clients gain physical strength through various high intensity interval training (HIIT), boot camp and weight training sessions. The HIIT employs Tabata kickboxing workout lasting for one to two hours. In this session, you can burn up to 600 kcals. This work out is particularly beneficial for young girls suffering from polycystic ovaries.

Boot Camp involves some military style hardcore training that can burn up to 800-1000 Kcals per hour. You will benefit even more if you can push yourself further with the push ups during weight training. Along with sculpting and toning, it also increases the bone density.

Nibras identifies herself more as a personal trainer even though she has some group sessions as well. She claims her one on one session helps her understand the need of her clients better. These therapeutic sessions are specially recommended for those suffering from health conditions like muscle, bones and joint pain etc.

You can either train with groups or train alone with her at your convenience. The group sessions will cost you Tk 7,000 for 12 classes a month. Each individual session lasting for an hour will cost Tk 6,000.

You can have a look at her website at or call to book sessions at +8801712065963.

Below Nibras shares some tips to and a diet plan.

Drink and Detox


Water- 5 mugs

Lemon- 1 sliced round

Cucumber -1 sliced round

Ginger- 1 tsp sliced

Mint – 1 handful

Soak the above mentioned ingredients over night and drink to detox as many times as you want throughout the day.

What to eat in a day:


Kick start your day with a mug of lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon. For added metabolic boost, you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it.


Start off with brown bread/ brown chapatti with two egg whites and one yolk.

Drink your coffee or green tea without sugar. Opt for brown sugar and skimmed milk instead of regular milk and sugar.


For lunch go for a small cup of rice or brown chapatti. Fill your protein portion with two pieces of fish or chicken, daal and vegetable made with small amount of oil. If you are still hungry have salad to satiate yourself.


A bowl of soup with toast is enough for your dinner. Alternatively, you can go for sautéed vegetable, two pieces of grilled fish or chicken with a bowl of salad to fill yourself up.


Snacking can be made easy with yogurt, seasonal fruits, nuts and plain popcorn. However, do not grab biscuits or even toast biscuits for snacks as they contain more saturated fat.


Anika Rabbani

Anika teaches elements from ashtanga, vinyasna along with sun salutation. It’s a powerful form of yoga and she has both corporate sessions and group sessions. However, her group sessions are only for women. So, those of you ladies who shy away from yoga classes can give her class a try.

To attend the classes, you must remain in empty stomach for around eight hours. She tailors the classes according to the lunar phases and the need of her students. Highest emphasis is put on learning the breathing techniques.

Yogis on the mat reflects a lot about themselves, so if someone fidgets a lot on the mat that means they are perhaps feeling a bit restless deep down. She insists on controlling one’s breath as she believes that if you can control your breath you can gain control over life too.

It is true that yoga does not give an overnight result. However, there are postures in yoga that make you sweat, help you gain strength and improve your flexibility. A yogi lifestyle is all about simple living, having a clean and healthy diet and exchanging your negative thoughts for the positive ones.

As you concentrate on your postures, you become more mindful. Thus, you reflect on yourself and try to become responsible. It is a journey where everyone has a unique experience on their yoga mat. Six classes with Anika will cost you Tk 5,000.

To book your sessions, get in touch through her facebook page, Yoganika or call at + 8801703186124.


Tips by Anika

  1. Go back to simple living, opt for native food, fabrics and furnishing.
  2. Eat clean and healthy by buying fresh local produce. Through this, you also encourage small scale local entrepreneurs.
  3. Wake up with the sun, eat a heavy breakfast, go low on lunch and have a light dinner.
  4. Try to sit on the floor as that is the first step towards having better flexibility.


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