SoaperStar: Bubblicious luxury

by Tajnim Imami

Handmade soaps render a magnificent experience packed in beautiful blocks organic materials. Made of oil and lye, the handcrafted soaps of Soaperstar promise an exclusive kind of skin care. Founder Shehna Falila Mulk always loved handmade skin care products. So, she took on the endeavor to create a brand of fresh, handmade, locally produced soaps and other beauty products with international quality that whole heartedly believes and promotes natural healing.

The soaps at this online store are carefully crafted after meticulously searching and testing for the kind of raw material suitable for the skin problems each product aims to combat. The beautifully colored and patterned handmade soaps with whimsical shapes such as flowers, stars and cupcakes make for some amazingly gentle, moisturizing cleansers. Commercial, mass-produced soaps lack natural glycerin as they are made with a focus on higher shelf life and durability which ends up making them very drying. In fact, the addition of fragrances can also make the soaps harmful for skin. Handmade soaps, on the other hand, contain natural glycerin that leads to the soft and supple feel of the skin. The soaps at SoaperStar are made of fresh, organic ingredients such as goat milk, fresh fruit and vegetable purees that have a wonderful effect on your skin with all the goodness that nature has to offer.

The lavish Papaya and Cocoa Butter Soap brightens the skin tone to give it a glow and a much needed deep cleanse. The Banana Pie Soap is excellent for dry and acne prone skin. The Good Riddance: Anti- Acne Soap can provide a great solution for acne and acne scars. The Activated Charcoal Soap gives the ultimate exfoliation with the loofah embedded on its back to scrub away dirt and blackheads while the Coffee Cupcake exudes with a delicious chocolate fragrance and moisturizes the skin.

The magic of SoaperStar extends far beyond that of soaps making only. They have made their mark in the market with their unique line of face masks, serums, oil, anti- hairfall shampoo, and skin correcting gels. Now, the rich variety of products of the brand has grown to offer solutions for both skin and hair.

The Radiant Serum, a fantastic potion for the face, absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue on skin. It has excellent anti-ageing and skin tone correcting properties. This versatile little thing is light enough to be used instead of a facial cream during the daytime and yet so wonderfully hydrating that it can also function as an overnight treatment too.  

Their rice toner is an absolute fan favorite full of vitamins and minerals. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores, tightens skin, promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow, helps keep skin smooth, heals acne and cools the redness of an outbreak. The Skin Correcting Gel also fights acne as well as promotes brightness.

The Hair Catalyst helps prevent hair loss by providing nourishment and nutrients to the scalp. Loaded with the goodness of rosemary, citric acid, aloe vera, fenugreek seeds, lemon, castor oil, it also fights dandruff and premature greying to promote hair growth and volume.

Healthy hair and skin is a matter of regimen. It is up to us to choose and surround ourselves with all that is good for us. All natural handmade soaps, serums and creams can deliver the kind of result that takes both physical and mental wellness to a whole new level with their natural ingredients. SoaperStar aims for just that by providing its customers with gorgeous soaps and beauty products that nurture their skin, lift their spirits and connect them to the gifts of nature.



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