Velocity: A sports lover’s destination

by Rajnin Farzana

When you step into Velocity, you will find yourself surrounded by photographs of your favourite athletes, symbols of different sports clubs and sports equipments. Besides, the tagline of the restaurant is ‘Live the Game’ that is inspired by the famous quote of the famous wrestler, Tipple H. The people behind Velocity were highly inspired by the sport bar tradition in western countries. They wanted to introduce a similar kind of restaurant in town where people can enjoy sports and delicious food at the same time. The wonderfully decorated duplex restaurant is dedicated to popular sports like football, cricket, wrestling etc.

The owners of Velocity opened a restaurant from their love of food and sports. The idea was about giving the opportunity to the people of Dhaka to enjoy sports and food at the same time. A number of large screen televisions are kept in different corners of the restaurant for the visitors to enjoy live sports programs.

Sports lovers frequently visit this place to enjoy particular matches of their preferred sports. Usually, many online based sports clubs visit the place with their members by making prior reservations to enjoy important live matches of European football clubs or WWE. Enjoying T-20 cricket is another beloved event at the restaurant. During live match streaming, the restaurant turns into a mini gallery by re-organising the chairs and tables. They use only chairs in order to make space. Generally, the capacity of the restaurant is around 60 people but, it becomes overcrowded when there is an event. If any group or sports club want to organize an event, they need to reserve one week before the show with a 50% advance payment.

The menu of Velocity is a mix of Mexican and Italian food since they wanted their menu to be easy to serve and eat while the visitors are enjoying a game. So what is on their menu? Delicious pasta, pizza, steak, quesadilla, guacamole, cannoli, burger, coffee and mocktails of different types for Tk 190 to Tk 740.They have some set menu for their visitors as well. Their dishes are named after athletes such as Pepe Chicken Steak, Fransesco Beef Steak, Ramos Quesadilla Beef, Rooney Daiquiri, Beckaham Sunrise, Drogba Colada etc. Special food events are organised by the restaurant every month as well. Likewise, La Fiesta, sea food festival etc are some of the buffets here.

Velocity plans to open a new branch in Dhanmondi soon as they have received great response from their customers. They have some frequent customers from all over the city because they take care to build a friendly relationship with them and get real feedback from them. The events are so popular that sport lovers visit the restaurants very late at night to watch live games.

So, drop by Velocity to enjoy an enthralling game with some spicy, mouth-watering dishes or to just enjoy the food.

Address: House-22, Road-19/A, Block-E, Banani, Dhaka- 1213


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