Essential Gadgets

by Alvee Khan

photos by Abdullah Apu

WHETHER you’re on a long trip away from home, or just being out of home all day long, in this modern day and age some gadgets make your day easier. Technologies have developed fast enough to let a wristband or watch monitor our fitness, capture adventurous moments securely through a small portable action cam or let you charge any electrical devices on the go.
Now, the pressing question would be, where are you supposed to buy these gadgets from? The local market is oversaturated with counterfeit products, so strolling through the market and choosing products is not an option anymore when it comes to electrical products.
If there are authorized distributors for such companies, then visiting their showroom is a must. If budget problem arises, look for reputed shops and their price. Chances are, if an authorized distributor is selling the products you’re looking for, then they would be pretty easily available on the market. In that case, buying the product from reliable gadget outlets is a safe approach. However, some products are not available in the market, but available on amazon.
To avail these products, one must go through various online shops on the market and check manually how much they would cost. These importers charge a bit higher than the actual foreign currency exchange rate. Also, you can use Backpackbang to have products from amazon or other US based websites delivered at your door, or even use websites like Daraz. While buying products from a local online shop, be cautious of the selling shop’s reputation.
Here we discuss some essential budget gadgets to use on the go in a brief manner.

Fitness Bands/Smartwatches:
Choosing between them is simple, if you’re a fitness enthusiast who’s on a diet and want to maintain your exercises, go for a fitness band. They’re cheap, they’re brilliant for their purposes, and most of the time, reliable.

Something that fits those brackets as well as being available on the local market is Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The band may look very bland, but it works well enough to provide you accurate heart rates and steps while providing notifications from your smartphone.
If looks are your concern, then go for a smartwatch instead.
Smartwatches are practically fitness bands that are able to provide some or all of the functionalities of a smartphone. The cheap ones let you have the fitness functionalities and some basic smartphone functionalities such as call, message, and checking notifications. There are many options around the market such as Sony SmartWatch 3, Samsung Gear S2, Asus Zenwatch 2, Pebble 2 etc. Obtaining them would make sure that while sipping coffees, you will not be bothered by your smartphone and your friends won’t be annoyed at you frequently ignoring them by looking at your smartphone.

Action Cam
Who doesn’t want to be a bit adventurous with life? There are opportunities for you to go canoeing, hiking, bath in remote fountains or scuba dive in this country. The digital camera that your family has won’t allow you to be free of caution and enjoy your moments to the fullest if you want to capture those moments.
In case of bathing in fountains and scuba dive or swimming underwater, they won’t even allow you to capture anything at all. That’s why action cameras were invented. These wide-angle waterproof, weatherproof cameras cover vast areas of your landscape, so you can have all your friends in your selfies.
The most prominent brand of action cams are the GoPros. Almost all the action cams you see on the market are GoPro clones. The company successfully keeps their products fresh each edition, making it up-to-date and convenient for the adrenaline-junkies all over the world. The cheaper, available alternative for a GoPro would be Xiaomi Yi Action Cam. There are multiple options to choose from if you’re buying it from abroad. Try to get your hands on TomTom Bandit or ISAW EDGE 4K Ultra HD, but prefer GoPro if it’s possible.

Whether you’re a social media junkie who’s constantly posting stories on Instagram or Snapchat, posting selfies with friends all the time, or a busy guy/gal staying away from home for a while, then a good powerbank is a must for you. For travels and vacations, it should be the second electrical device on your list, after the smartphone, of course. These small portable chargers can sit in a corner of your bag and appear as a savior when someone’s, preferably your, battery is dying.
Buying good powerbanks are probably the trickiest thing on this list. The market is unbelievably filled with fake products, so proceed with caution. The most reliable brand is definitely Anker with their huge range of products, but they are not available locally. So you are required to order them through local importers or Backpackbang. However, if you’re looking for a small capacity powerbank (around 5000 maH), then buy a Xiaomi one from their distributors instead of going through the hassle of choosing online and ordering them.
As smartphones have become an essential part of our life, these gadgets are slowly integrating into our life to keep us connected and making things convenient for all of us. Whether you’re someone who’s going on vacations all the time, or hanging out with friends all day and night, or just on the go for your work and career, having them will make your life simpler and more fun at times.

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