Collectors’ show at Shilpangan displaying 45 artworks

CONTEMPORARY art gallery Shilpangan arranged a special collectors’ show, displaying 45 collectible drawings and prints of famous Bangladeshi artists from January 23 to February 2.
On January 23 the show was inaugurated at the gallery by chief guest Professor Nazrul Islam, renowned art writer and former chairman of the University Grant Commission. Artist Rashid Amin and Javed Jalil, among other artists, were present on the occasion to speak as special guests.
For some years now, gallery Shilpangan has been arranging exhibitions to promote contemporary art and exhibited works of up and coming artists. The new collectors do not get much opportunities to gather works from masters of the country, the show serves as a way to add such precious artworks in their gallery. This way, works of art transcend beyond generations and survive through the preservation of art collectors.
However, the organisers noted that the artworks collected are brought from a group of collectors so it would be unwise to assume that the artists whose works are on display are the only appreciated and valued artists of the country. To understand it better, lets’ try to imagine from a collectors point of view.
Among collectors, works of Zainul Abedin, Quamrul Hassan, SM Sultan or Safiuddin Ahmed’s would be the top one’s to add up in their collection. However, this collectors’ show does not have any of their paintings, despite being amongst the top of the wanted list of collectors.
‘I’ve loved the works displayed here. Through collectors show such as this, contemporary artists will have their works collected. More people have money now, and initiatives like this will help the artists,’ said Professor Nazrul Islam as he emphasised on the need of such exhibitions.
The collection featured a total of 45 drawing, painting and prints. Among them, a lithograph, two drawings, one colour palette and two water colour paintings of Qayyum Chowdhury, two drawings from Mustafa Monwar, watercolour painting of Alokesh Ghosh, a woodcut and a drawing from Rafiqun Nabi, two prints from Hashem Khan were featured. The other artists whose works were featured are: Sheikh Afjal (water colour), Shukhomoy Mojumdar (drawing), Murtaza Baseer (two drawings), Monirul Islam (an acrylic painting and two prints), Mohammad Kibria (drawing), Aminul Islam (drawing), Kanak Chapa Chakma (print), Jamal Ahmed (two prints), Ranjit Das (two acrylic paintings), Rokeya Sultana (a watercolour painting and a print), Abdus Sattar (watercolour), Farida Zaman (watercolour), Shahabuddin Ahmed (lithograph), Chandra Shekhor Dey (9 drawings), Rokeya Sultana (mixed) and Maruf Ahmed (an acrylic painting and a drawing).
In order to draw in collectors and enthusiasts of the country, the artworks were sold at a reduced price. For instance, some of the frames were valued at Tk 1.5 lakh but they were priced around Tk 60,000 for the exhibition.
A perfect place for art enthusiasts to gather brilliant artworks for their collections, visit the collectors’ show at Shilpangan, House #7, Road #13, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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