Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air

by Tehreen Islam

WHEN you see that the shops across the city are stacking love cards, everything heart shaped and red, teddy bears with cute messages – you just know what the reason is. It can only mean that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.
Valentine`s Day is that panicky time of year when we all like to prove that we are reasonably expert and proficient in romance. Valentine`s Day is the day of judgement of that. Fortunately, we are not alone. Every sector knows how desperate one is to make a good impression and hence they have their offers, deals and merchandises ready to make things easy for us. It’s as easy as picking up a phone or clicking on a browser.
The question we often ask is if Valentine’s Day is an invention of greeting card companies? But there are a few thoughts of Valentine’s Day. It is believed that, Cupid, the iconic figure often associated with Valentine’s Day, is actually an ancient Roman God. As the legend says, he is the child of Mercury (the messenger god with wings), and Venus (the god of love). We usually see him as a winged baby carrying a bow and arrow, sometimes wearing armour, reflecting the strength of love. Some say that Valentine’s Day began in ancient Rome. But it does not really matter how Valentine’s Day became what it is today, It is a great day to let others know how much you love them.
When it comes to Valentine Day’s gift and celebrations for the loved ones being cliché’ actually works. Here are some traditions that work every time. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Nothing is more traditional than flowers on Valentine’s Day. There’s a reason for that they really are the perfect way to express your love for your Valentine. Head towards Banani 11, Shahbag or any flower shop you have close by and pick up a bunch of roses, lilies or any other flower of your choice. A decent flower bouquet should cost from Tk 300 and go up depending on the type and quantity of flowers.


WhatsApp messages and Facebook statuses might be today’s preferred way of communication. But nothing can replace good old cards for expressing special messages on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Head to Hallmark, Archie’s and pick the one that suits your relationship, scribble a sweet note and you sure will melt heart of your loved one. Prices may vary between Tk 120 to Tk 350.


Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like a match made in heaven. If you’re going to celebrate it in the typical traditions of the day, make sure you get a box of chocolate for your loved one. Available on super stores, Gulshan 1 DCC Market, Butlers Chocolate Cafe etc. prices may vary between Tk 250 to Tk 1,500 or more for a box depending on the type.


Jewellery is the quintessential and admired Valentine Day gift. Choose from heart-shaped pendant, ring, diamond earrings, stylish cufflinks, high-end wristwatch and many other options. Diamond World, Geetanjali, Time Zone etc stores sometimes even have special offers for the love birds.


A romantic movie night at home or at the theatre might be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. You can go to Star Cineplex or Blockbuster to catch a romantic movie or spend it on the sofa firing up your DVD player or signing in to your Netflix account. Most of the channels have special movies, shows for the day.


Music sure is the universal language of love. The right music can definitely set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day whether you are home or out on a drive. Make sure to create a playlist that perfectly suits to you and your partner. Whether English, Bengali or Hindi – good music leads to great mood.


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