Amlaki: Go organic

by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

WHAT IS AMLAKI? Well other than the fruit it’s the name of a company that brings herbal and completely organic beauty products to your doorstep. The name is ‘Amlaki’ because of the rich amount of vitamins and minerals contained by amlaki, it is one of the most nutritional foods which can help keep your skin and hair healthy. Like amlaki the products of this Facebook page are highly nutritional and made from all natural ingredients. All the recipes are formulated by Nandita Sharmin who is a certified herbalist, currently saying in London.
Sharmin got the inspiration from her paternal grandfather who was a renowned ayurvedic doctor in Narshingdi. After his death the practice was not continued but Nandita Sharmin gradually became intrigued by the art and ventured to start her own line of herbal beauty products. ‘From a very young age I wanted to do something for myself but didn’t quite get the opportunity until last year’ said Nandita. ‘I came to London to study 17 years ago after completing my graduation on accounts and MBA in marketing I did higher diploma on nutrition and herbalism.

‘When I came to London I saw that there are lots of shops here which sell herbal products mostly made from ingredients which are imported from South-Asian countries like Bangladesh. Almost all of the herbal ingredients are available in our country so why not utilize them.’ Finding authentic and good quality beauty care products in Bangladesh is a difficult task and seeing girls complaining about the lack of authentic products here made Nabanita want to do something to change that. So, using my knowledge on herbalism I started making packs, oils and all kinds of products which might be helpful for taking care of our skin and hair. As a test run when I first opened my page around the time of Pohela Baishakh last year, I got huge responses.’ At first the page gave out their products to beauty bloggers for testing; when they gave positive responses after using them the products started getting more circulation and gradually people became aware of the usefulness of the herbal ingredients.
She is currently running her business with the help of her husband who is staying in Bangladesh at the moment. Also, she travels to Bangladesh quite frequently so it becomes easier for her to take care of her business. It’s not only a business for her; it sprang from her passion for herbology. Nabanita Sharmin strictly opposes using any kind of chemicals. All her products are made from only organic ingredients. She has an intention to extend her line of products in the future for which she is currently researching right now. She hopes to see her business flourish as her range of products expand with time.

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