Rubina Akhter’s first solo exhibition at Gallery Twenty One

by Alvee Khan

RUBINA AKHTER, an artist with flair and versatility, is having her first solo exhibition titled Beautiful Anger at Gallery Twenty One, in the capital’s Dhanmondi.
The inauguration ceremony was held on February 6. Artist Hashem Khan inaugurated the exhibition as chief guest, artist professor Syed Abul Barq Alvi and eminent journalist Nadeem Qadir was present as special guests. Simeen Hussain Rimi, MP, was also present on the occasion along with Gallery Twenty One’s owner artist Shameem Subrana.
Artist Hashem Khan praised the artworks and dubbed Rubina Akhter as a promising artist and wished her well. All the invited guests and members of the media were soaked in the relaxing atmosphere of the inauguration ceremony. Her works were appreciated by all the guests and after the event all of them left with items from her collection.
The exhibition is showcasing 35 of her paintings, priced between Tk 35,000 to Tk 1, 00,000. Various home décor items and gift items such as chairs, boxes, lamps, planter, tissue boxes, clocks, mirrors, table cloths, trays, bags, jewelry boxes, trunk, coasters, bean boxes etc. The items are priced between Tk 600 to Tk 8,000.

She also designed dresses for women under her brand Rubina’s. The dresses are made using khadi, satin, cashmere, linen and they are priced from Tk 1,500 to Tk 4,000. All the items are unique in their design and features Rubina’s very own aesthetics. No single item has any second copy of it.
Rubina embarked on the life of an artist when she was admitted in Art College (currently the Institute of Fine Arts under University of Dhaka) at 1979. Throughout her student life, she discovered her knack for designing and worked on various projects part-time. Early in her student life, she went abroad to study fashion designing, which developed her fashion sense, color work and composition as an artist as well.
Rubina’s paintings also depict her interior designer self, as the framing of her work is always emphasised in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each and every painting comes with a different and unique framing, complementing the colour tones of the original painting. Most of them have hand-crafted, tasteful designs similar to the subjects and techniques of her paintings.
She shows her exquisite taste and knowledge by using a wide array of colours as well as contrasting them to add mood to her images. The use of so many complementing vibrant colours in such a way shows her experience as an interior designer, as well as her subject matters and techniques that exhibit her background and root of arts. The vibrancy is prominent in her craft works as well.
This is a perfect place for art enthusiasts to buy some brilliant artworks for their collections. People looking to beautify the interior of their home can also find their desired items, along with items to gift your loved one’s. Visit Rubina Akhter’s debut exhibition Beautiful Anger at the 11th floor or Taj Lily Garden, 751 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi (Old-19), Dhaka.

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