FRIEND’S BOOK CORNER: a nook for literature enthusiasts

IN BANGLADESH, getting your hands on original or quality products is a mammoth task. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to a pre requisite like books. It leaves the people who truly value books in a state of constant tumult while searching throughout the city or pre-ordering through Facebook pages, a new trend. For the avid readers and also for those who want to read good content without splurging too much Friend’s is the place to go.
What sets it apart from other book shops is that they not only import books but also have their own publishing house. They have been working relentlessly since 1968 to bring about a change in the English book market in our country. To make books more affordable and accessible for the mass they produce a cheaper version of classics and contemporary books. Don’t get discouraged though because their published books are only a smidge away from the Penguin Classics in terms of quality and the prices are almost half compared to original copies.
A huge part of their imported books come directly from India. So, a book that costs a small fortune elsewhere can be found here for a reasonable price. They have a liaison with Penguin Publications which allows them to buy books straight from them without any third party, which makes the books much cheaper than in any other shop.
Apart from that, they import books from all major publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, W. W. Norton, Hodder Arnold-UK, Viva Book Private Limited, Unique Publication, Surjeet Publication, Doaba House, Atlantic India and a few others. They have a huge collection ranging from nonfiction to fiction of all genres, from Pablo Neruda to J.K Rowling, from Dan Brown to R.K Narayan. They have almost every classic novel you can imagine and other unique books too which you may not find anywhere else.
It’s in Nilkhet so the students of Dhaka University get all their books from them. They basically have two sections; one of academic books another one arbitrary. In the academic section they have books for many departments, English language and literature being their main affiliation.
The best thing they have here are the Norton Anthology books which are basically collections of literary works. The literary works are categorized depending on the time period, origin and as such. Norton Anthology of English Literature, Norton Anthology of American Literature, Norton Shakespeare Romances and Poems and many more. The price varies from Tk 700 to Tk 3,500.
Finding an assortment so huge and versatile anywhere in Dhaka is almost impossible. The shop isn’t luxurious but their collection sure is. As for the service, the shopkeepers are very well read and have knowledge of all the books in the shop. They could guide you to the exact kinds of books you are looking for. Moreover, they are very friendly and cooperative, listen to all of your queries and provide you accordingly.
It’s right beside the Nilkhet over bridge on the third floor of Rafin Plaza. Ask anyone where Friend’s book corner is they will show you the way. So, if you’re interested to discover some good books do give them a visit, they might have what you’re looking for.

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