Leather: A perfect lifestyle essential

by Tehreen Islam

Flaunting a leather jacket or carrying a smart leather bag to office used to be a far fetched idea for many as they would cost a fortune and availability was an issue earlier. However, now the leather industry of Bangladesh has come out in full glory and the government even declared leather and leather goods as the ‘Product of the Year’ in Bangladesh for 2017. Leather, one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh, plays a significant role in the national economy. Bangladeshi leather is widely known around the world for its high quality, smooth feel and natural texture. Bangladesh’s long established tanning industry produces around 2-3% of the world`s leather from a ready supply of raw materials. Abundance of labour and natural resources make Bangladesh an attractive location for the production of leather goods in the whole world.
There are different kinds of products available in the market. Small leather goods or sometimes called personal leather goods are usually carried around on a daily basis and are made with cow softy, goat glaze, sheep napa, calf skin etc. These products include purses, wallets, key case, passport case, note case, card case, cigarette case and cigar case, match box case and so many others.
Medium leather goods are hand bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, document cases, attache cases and so on. These products are attractive to look at and used by people of different ages and professions. These bags are made from calf, goat, sheep and exotic skins and hides, finished with ranges of colours. Cow softy, dry milled, cow napa, sheep napa, goat and buff softy leather are widely used in the making of medium leather goods. Heavy leather goods generally made from cow and buffalo hides, are strong and durable. Upholstery and other uses of this leather are very popular because of the distinct surface grain patterns and size of this type of leather.
Over 250 manufacturers in our country are produce various leather items for local market and overseas export, such as – travel goods, suitcases, briefcases and fashion accessories, along with belts, wallets, hand bags, case holders etc.
For a range of novelty leather boots, sandals, dressy and formal shoes, one can visit Apex, Fortuna, Leatherex, Aarong etc are quite popular. Leather shoes for men, women and children are available here ranging between Tk 1,000 to Tk 5,000. For clothing, especially jackets, Raven, M. M Leather, Cats Eye, Noir, Sailor and online stores like daraz.com, shadmart.com are very popular. The jackets are available in different styles and designs with prices going up to Tk 5,000.
Other fashion accessories like belts are also available here. For gift items and household items, Aarong, Made in Bangladesh, Gulshan -2 DCC Market, Shimanto Square, Eastern Plaza, New Market, Navana Tower have a number of stores which have items like jewellery box, photo frames, mobile holder, key chains, passport folder, wallet, pen holder, laptop bag and more. All these products are available from Tk 500 to Tk 2,000. Leather bags are available ranging between Tk 1,500 to Tk 6,000. There are also large number of whole sale stores at Islampur for large orders for corporate gifts, event gifts and other occasions. These items are finely finished and aesthetically rich.
A leather jacket is a wardrobe must have. It gives a sleek and sophisticated look to one’s attire and complements the look. Especially in winter, it’s absolutely chic to layer the look with a jacket and T shirt. Men sometimes prefer biker’s jacket and that looks very trendy as well. Though leather boots are more popular in western world, ankle boots are quite in fashion in youngsters. A good leather belt makes a man stand out and adds a little extra something to his attire. Leather products as gift items are always appreciated and admired. Besides being sophisticated, they are also practical and contemporary. All these qualities have made leather a popular product that never goes out of style. Personalized and customized leather products always make a difference.
We do fancy owning a nice leather jacket, bag or wallet and it is considered to be an investment. Leather has been used by all nationalities in all eras. Leather is durable, timeless and stylish. It has a neutral look which goes with everything and on everyone. To conclude, it can be said that leather is one of our favourite fabrics and it goes well with our lifestyle. With a little maintenance and care, a leather product can be everlasting.
Simply take your taste into account and get well crafted leather items that will last for years and years for yourself or as gift. The price might seem expensive but is almost always worth it for the sheer quality you get.

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