Biskut factory: Factory of colours

by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

Biskut Factory has been the talk of the town for quite a while now mostly because of their eccentric designs and a whim for smearing colour onto everything. From trunks to ukulele they have showed that anything can be brought to life if you have the right vision. Got a surprise there, didn’t you? Biskut Factory isn’t a patisserie like you would expect but it’s an online shop of hand-painted goodies. The ‘surprise’ was exactly what was intended by the name.

The page’s founder is Biskut, who insists to be known by his first name only. He described the story behind the page’s name. ‘Whenever someone would hear my name they would get surprised and wonder how one could be called Biskut. Anything that is non-conventional surprises people and a name doesn’t have to be the defining characteristic of something. So, I hoped that my work will be known for its own merit, not the name of the shop. People will visit the shop and they will get to know my work. That is how I wanted to make my name, through my work.’
People’s encouragement worked as the biggest driving force for this entrepreneur. He used to indulge himself in arts and crafts since his childhood; witnessing his gift of turning anything into an artwork and passion for colours, people encouraged him to give his work a formal platform. So, he started the Facebook page in 2014. At that time his customers were mostly his friends and gradually his clientele started expanding.
At a first glance, it would look like everything is inspired by retro paintings on rickshaws but that’s not the whole truth. Biskut just likes to play with colours and roam around the streets of Dhaka. Among the things that catch one’s eyes on the streets, rickshaws as they are always bursting with life and colours. The paint jobs done on rickshaws are mostly derived from the folk style of painting with block colours. Taking inspiration from these and twining it with amusing phrases are what give Biskut his signature style.
The success of the page lies in the evolvement of the new type of designs and paintings. Not many before this page dared to use these unconventional styles. The business is run by four partners who have become a closed knit family.
Though they mostly sell phone covers, canvas, trunks, bags, helmet, kettle, shoes, clothing etc. but customising is one of their specialty as many of their phone covers are made keeping the customer’s wish in mind. So, you can approach them if you want to primp something up. Their phone covers are the most hyped accessories of the season and for good reason. They feature writings like chup thak, noshto chhele, mayer doa, rokto gorom, bhalobasha dibi kina bol, etc. and cost somewhere around Tk 1,000 each. The price varies depending on the design.
If you have an eye for the uncommon and the vibrant, take a look at their collection on their Facebook page ‘Biskut Factory’.

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