Nusrat Faria Mazhar: the sky is the limit

by Tehreen Islam

She believes that happy girls are the prettiest and she certainly is the happiest in Bangla cinema now with success, reputation and a huge fan following. She is enjoying this bliss because of her hard work, persistence and dedication. She managed to capture a top spot on silver screen with verve and zest. Whether it’s her beautiful smile, her impeccable comic timing or her spunky aura, she’s just a super hit with the fans and she is none other than Nusrat Faria. The hit girl tells us about her life and career in a wonderful chat.

As a child of an army parent, Nusrat Faria grew up aiming to be an army personnel herself. Later she thought of becoming an entrepreneur. ‘I was always a little confused about what to do with my life,’ she breaks out with laughter. Her career in showbiz industry took off with modelling. Her hard work and persistence made her bag different modelling assignments and she was soon a popular face. Her life took a turn when she started her RJ career at a popular radio station of the country. Her show was hit and her charm was infectious. She tapped the area of hosting next and soon became the face of the events, shows both on stage and on screen.
‘My first TV appearance was through debate as I was a star debater for my school on Bangladesh Television. That’s quite a different start,’ shares Faria with a beaming smile.
Nusrat Faria came into the attention of Faridur Reza Sagor and Abdul Aziz while she was taking part in a Channel i programme that was held in Qatar. They suggested that she join cinema. Her life took a turn when Jaaz Multimedia planned to launch her as a heroine. After a series of auditions and tests, she was finalised as the face of the movie Ashiquie, opposite Indian actor Ankush which was released in 2015.
While the twenties are known to be the time of maddening self-doubt, Nusrat Faria knew exactly what she wanted. She had her cool-girl confidence and made decisions which were best for her. The filmography, which has both Indo- Bangladesh and Bangladeshi productions shows exactly that with Hero and Baadsha : The Don in 2016; Premi o Premi, Dhat Teri Ki, Boss 2 and Inspector Notty K in 2017. The movies brought her appreciation, attention and accolades, like – Meril Prothom Alo Award, Tele Cine Award etc.
She thinks her journey as an RJ, model, host, and presenter has helped her grow and become what she is today. ‘My other career choices have made me a better speaker, camera friendly and media compatible. I am glad I took one step at a time and climbed the stairs. I miss my RJ’ing and hosting days though,’ she added.
At the moment, she has settled her life in both Dhaka and Kolkata for work and balances it quite well. She thinks there are some minor differences between both the industries, Dhallywood being emotion driven while Tallywood the hard core professional. Her comfort with her ambitions and hard work can actually make you wonder because beyond that beautiful, dainty look there is a remarkably secure actor who has dealt with things like early fame to online trolling. Yet we see no rants and no meltdowns. She has handled each situation calmly and came back even better.
Fitness is very important to her. ‘For my second movie Baadsha, I wanted to change my look and that is when I started to work out religiously,’ she reminisces. She focused on clean and healthy eating along with weight training and the result was soon visible. She believes in maintaining a routine life and prefers a 45 days break between two movies. She thinks to be a good actor, practices of good habits – like punctuality, focus, professionalism etc make a lot of difference. Her advice to the newcomers would be to focus on being educated first followed by installing all the requirements of an actor in oneself.
The girl with thousands of fans is herself a fan girl of Priyanka Chopra and Varun Dhawan. Talking about her chances of working with him, she admits with a shy smile, ‘I would love to work with him one day.’ She also shares her fan girl moment that Varun once liked one of her tweets about him.
Nusrat Faria is working on different plans, exploring different options by taking life slowly and steadily – enjoying every moment. Her focus is also on completing her graduation. When she is not working, she is relaxing, cooking and just enjoying her break with family and friends
At 24 Nusrat Faria has accomplished quite a lot. As much as it may make one feel important and influential but she has her feet firmly placed on the ground with plans to reach the stars.

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