Grilled Salmon Kebabs

Chopped fresh oregano 2 tbsp
Sesame seeds 2 tsp
Ground cumin 1 tsp
Crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 tsp
Skinless wild salmon fillet, cut into1-inch pieces 1-1/2 pounds
Lemons, very thinly sliced into rounds 2
Olive oil cooking spray
Kosher salt 1 tsp
16 bamboo skewers soaked in water 1 hour

Season chicken with salt and pepper on both sides. Press sauté on the Instant Pot, lightly spray with oil and brown chicken on both sides a few minutes. Set aside.
Spray with a little more oil and add onions and peppers. Sauté until soften and golden, 5 minutes.
Pour tomatoes over the chicken and vegetables, add oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, give it a quick stir and cover. Cook at high pressure 25 minutes; natural release.
Remove bay leaf, garnish with parsley.

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