Youth leading change through innovation, creativity, and community engagement

ON APRIL 7, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) organized an event titled ‘Youth Leading Change’ at the Independent University – Bangladesh (IUB) auditorium, which featured talks from ten young changemakers, who have gone through BYLC leadership programs, engaged in impactful social initiatives that are driving positive change in Bangladesh. The speakers represented different ages and education mediums, namely English and Bangla medium and Madrasas. They discussed pressing challenges facing Bangladesh and introduced new ideas and solutions to mitigating those problems.
Highlighting the power of technology in providing inclusive solutions for underserved communities, Tasnim Jara spoke about her initiative, Aroggo, a crowdfunding platform for needy patients, and Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim spoke about his company, Let’s Learn Coding, and how coding has the power to solve youth unemployment. Breaking the silence on topics that are considered taboo in our society,
Anwar Ahmad, program coordinator of Campaign RED, discussed the idea of open conversations surrounding menstruation, and Iffat Jahan Tusher, founder and head of operations, Ground Zero, highlighted the importance of talking to children about sexual abuse to help them protect themselves.
Imran Ahsan, founder, Think Twice Act Wise, spoke about his campaign of promoting positive content through social media platforms to combat extremism, and Monoshita Ayruani, director, WebAble Digital, spoke about her project, Made in Equality which is changing perceptions through impactful storytelling.
Rubina Akter, senior protection assistant, UNHCR, highlighted how listening to refugee stories has contributed to peace building between Bangladeshi and Rohingya communities in the refugee camps and surrounding areas. Aflatun Kaesar Zilany, news editor, Nature Study Digest, spoke about the importance of connecting urban youth to nature. Tasmiah Alam, co-founder and creative head, Hootum, spoke about the need for equal representation and participation of men and women in Bangladeshi media. Almeer Ahsan Asif, deputy manager, Curriculum Development, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center, highlighted ‘respect’ and values based teaching as a tool in education.
‘BYLC was founded with the conviction that youth leadership can be a powerful force to creating a just, inclusive, and prosperous world. Through this event, we wanted to showcase the impact of leadership training on young people, and hope that this will serve as an inspiration for others to take up their own initiatives’, said Ejaj Ahmad, founder and president, BYLC.
Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), the country’s first leadership institute, works to build connections among youth from diverse backgrounds, equip them with leadership skills, and enable them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors.

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