Thalabashon: Fancy Fix for your dining table

by Tehreen Islam

FACED with a choice between the survival of the planet and a new set of matching tableware, most people would choose the tableware.’
— George Monbiot

Dinnerware has always been an important part of every household; from unstylish necessity for everyday to a special, collectible item that is only meant for guests. Nowadays, we make a considerable effort to set the table as beautifully as possible in everyday life with unique dinnerware that not only stands out to all the guests but also pleases family members. Gone are those days when the one used to look for imported crockery to put on special occasions on the table. Now you will be perplexed by the astounding number of choices at the market.
There is hundreds of tableware to choose from and most of them are locally made. One name that has made quite a stir these days with their stylish and beautiful products would be Thalabashon. Initially Mohammad Maaz came up with the idea and shared it with Ashfaq Rahman Asif and Ehsan Ahmed and they did not delay in executing the idea. They wanted to put a modern spin with a traditional touch, Bengali touch on tableware and hence decided on the name Thalabashon.
Thalabashon has a wide range of products, including plate, bowl, server, jar, tea set, dinner set, soup bowl, cereal bowl, children’s set, Mason jar, astray, mug, cake stand, coaster and even cutlery. The people behind this great name said, ‘We like to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas on products and designs. We look for inspiration from different sources.’
The products actually are very unique and beautiful with the shapes and designs. The colours used are mostly solid, earthy tones but then they also have their range of floral and bright colours which are bound to win your heart with one look at them. Their designs are elegant and simple with not too much going on which makes them even more desirable. With a touch of gold or a hit of colour or a different shape, they make each piece stand out.
Each collection comes with an unique name, like the aquamarine collection, blooming collection, blanco, caramel etc. which does take the products to a different standard. They have also added cutlery to their collection which are perfect for those fine dining days. The products are of high quality, making them very high end products. Prices for the big sets range between Tk 2,000 to Tk 15,000. However there are single items ranging between Tk 400 to Tk 1,500 and exclusive editions which cost higher.
Thalabashon has a great packaging and delivery service as they pay a lot of effort and care to every package they dispatch. The products are nicely packed with bubble wrap, safely delivered in a box wrapped with brown paper and black ribbon – just perfect for a gift to someone or your own self.
As of now, one can view their products in their website and social media page and place order on ‘’ and facebook page ‘Thalabashon’. ‘We plan to grow and diversify our products. Yes, we are currently working on our expansion. See you soon in stores,’ they added.

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