Summer Fashion: The Fab Trends

by Tehreen Islam

photos by Abdullah Apu

Pastels, florals, sequins and bright solid colours – this year the summer fashion trends are an amazing mix of all these and more. Fresh and fun trends will rule the summer and it’s best to start thinking about it now to be a part of the fashion fiesta. We took a look at the popular catwalks for summer 2018 and picked up the essentials for this season.

Pastel Colours
We have seen the big brands flaunting pastel colours this season. Soft and pretty as an ice cream, this year’s wardrobes are expected to be bursting with pale hues from yellow to purple, green to pink. These pastel looks are soothing to eyes and gentle on skin in the scorching heat and will surely inspire your take on the trend. Doing a bit of mix ‘n’ match, with the shades can give that vibrant yet sober look that is perfect for summer.

On the flip side, this season also has the vibrant and energetic shades of bright solid colours. The rainbow shades can add that summery feeling with the colours. From rainbow stripes to sparkling designs, they all bring out the energy and essence of summer. The only rule to apply this trend is not to overdo it.

Brights and Solids
This is the season to get high-voltage. This season’s catwalk showed brights and solids from primary shades through to neon accents. The designers flaunted bold hues and made a statement. Vibrant reds, pink, a yellow, oranges – solid blocks or combined to gather will be seen and worn this season.

Sheer or transparent clothing is very in this summer. Often seen layered with printed material, sheer gives a complete summery feeling and comfort. Adorned with embroidery or screen print – sheer or transparent can be the perfect day wear while an array of tulle, plastic and silk translucent designs can make the perfect evening wear.

Waist belt
Waist belt is an integral part of this season’s fashion scene. It could be of any kind and type – leather, metal, and fabric. Slinging a waist belt over the dress, top, shirt etc. can add that glamour and bring out a different look.

Raw Fabrics
This summer is more about raw and textured materials like linens and sawn-off edges, washed cotton drills and woven leathers in an earthy colour palette of creams and off-whites. This trend has made khadi extremely popular and worn. Minimalist fashion is happening and making summer fashion more adventurous and comfortable.

Vintage Florals
There has been a comeback on runways for vintage floral. A Trend of the ‘40s and ‘50s, florals are soothing, sober and refreshing. Floral dresses, tops, saris are popular and loved by all. Different clothing brands are trying this trend, merging it with their own aesthetics and individual styles. This summer trend is definitely one of the most popular ones.

Big Shoulders
Last season was all about sleeves – flairs, flouncy, gathered and what not. This season is a continuation of the 1980’s trend and big shoulders and sleeves are everywhere. On kamiz, top, blouse or shirt – the statement shoulders are making it big and strong. Paired with something subtle and less dramatic, this style can make one stand out and rock the look.

Summer Plaids
Gone are the days when plaided and checked clothes were just for colder times. Checked goods are in for summer and we love it. Different kinds as in tartan, gingham are now being used all the year round by big brands and summer is no exception. Adorned with a little embroidery or lace, checks are absolutely worth checking out this season.

Sequins and sparkles is a big deal this summer. From daywear to evening attire – sequins and glitters are making a big statement. In every fashion capital and on every catwalk -glitter prevailed. Whether it’s western, fusion or traditional clothes, a bit of glitter and a touch of shimmer can pep up the look and add a special glamour to the outfit. Style yours with a sweatshirt to give them daytime longevity.

Ruffles add a feminine touch this season as designers are incorporating them in their clothes and making them look dreamlike. Soft textured ruffles can add such subtle glamour to an outfit that it can work wonders without looking over the top and extra.
Now that we know all the trends and rules to do the wardrobe plotting this season, we would say it’s the right time to start picking up the pieces and getting summer ready. The right style can make you stand out and look cool in this heat. Just make sure to choose the styles that suit you the best and you are ready to rock summer in style.

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