Summer fashion for men

by Alvee Khan

photos by Abdullah Apu

Summer brings many occasions to celebrate life. It appears with fruits and flowers, along with scorching heat and incessant storms. During this season, one of the most important things is being comfortable wherever you go. With this in mind, we are going to discuss the fashion options and current trends for everyone.

Every major fashion house started showcasing their summer collection, keeping people’s comfort in mind. Here, we provide some pointers to consider when you’re out shopping for the summer:

T-shirts are the essential summer casual wear. Graphic t-shirts are something that has survived gloriously throughout various ages of fashion, so it’s a safe option to sport your favourite band, football teams or superhero. T-shirts with minimalistic hues and various prints are back on the market. This is an interesting spin on the designs. The trendy prints right now are floral, tribal fusion and rickshaw paints. Comfy, bright and minimalistic in design, these t-shirts take up the vast majority of summer wear, so choose yours according to your own aesthetics.

Patterned shirts
The patterns to search for are checks, plaids and tartans. These patterns can be used to give you a polished appearance. These are available in a wide array of colours; choose the light hues for comfort. Wear them as half-sleeved shirts for a semi-casual look.

Oxford shirt
Oxford shirts are essentially a hybrid of dress shirt and a casual one. It all depends on what they are paired with. It can be worn with or without a tie, and with jeans or formal pants. They provide endless possibilities and versatility. These are the best options for an event or office.

Denims and twine pants
The ripped jeans with bleached denim made a comeback last summer. Also, darker denim with cuts is in as well. Wear them with a pair of sneakers or slides and a t-shirt and it’s the perfect casual look. However, for the ultimate casual look, twine pants are the most comfortable ones. White or khaki twine pants offer the best comfort. If you can manage to wear something to pull it off, it becomes a great fashion statement as well.

Cargo shorts
Cargo pants were the fad back in the late 2010’s. Recently they have returned to the market, and this time the majority of them got smaller. The cargo shorts are the quintessential summer casual wear. Whenever you need to freshen your mind at your free time, you should have some cargo shorts at your disposal for their convenience and comfort. They are made of heavy duty fabric and have patch pockets. The preferred colour this summer should be traditional khaki or even black.

Many clothes on the runway are inspired by the ones worn by athletes, starting from fashionable track suits to sports shoes. Not jerseys but rather cool T-shirts or polo sporting your favourite team’s logo is a fashion statement nowadays. These provide great comfort and grace. For a morning jog, sweat pants and training hoodies can be worn.

Many outfits released by fashion houses this year are featuring green as the main colour. Soothing, comfortable with a pinch of patriotism, this versatile colour is at the heart of summer fashion. Various hues of green with prints on them as well as burgundy and turquoise shades are in for this season.

Army print trousers, T-shirts and even backpacks came in fashion in recent years and it seems like they are here to stay. Camouflage pieces are best paired with light colours.
The trends for men’s summer fashion in 2018 offer a lively perspective on a man’s appearance. In the end, it all comes down to your own aesthetics. If the items of clothing are well coordinated, following these trends could give you an elegant look for the remainder of the summer.

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