Life with Boost Juice

by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

BOOST Juice is a popular Australian franchise launched in the year 2000 and currently running in 14 countries with more than 500 stores. Recently it has cast its nets in Bangladesh as well and Shezad Javed is to be thanked for that. Since its opening on January 20, Boost Juice Bangladesh has gotten an overwhelming response along with a good number of regular customers, only within a few months.
There’s a reason why people keep coming back. Not only are their smoothies and juices tasty, they are healthy as well. The simple idea of making healthy living tasty, fun and their can-do attitude is what sets it apart from all other juice bars. Boost Juice has a menu designed by nutritionists and neuropaths in Australia and all the drinks are free from artificial flavours, added sugar, colours and preservatives.
‘If we can help people eat more fruits and vegetables by making them taste great, then that’s fantastic. But we’re not here just to give customers great tasting smoothies and juices. We also want to share our energy, passion and ‘love life’ ethos through an inspirational in-store experience. Also, we are the only international juice and smoothie franchise operating in Bangladesh. Our quality of drinks are of international standard and have amazing health benefits,’ says Mahfuza Sarwar, the brand manager of Boost Juice Bangladesh.
It’s difficult to name just one drink since they have a huge range of juices to choose from. A little heads up though – Mango Magic, All Berry Bang, Gym Junkie are the ones ordered most from the ‘most popular’ range, from ‘crushes’ range Mango Tango Crush, Watermelon Crush are very popular, from ‘fresh juice bar’ Two and Five Juice and Mint Condition are popular and lastly from the ‘Lean and Green’ category Caribbean Green is highly on demand. The cheapest one costs about Tk 250 and can go up to Tk 525 depending on category and size. Also, they serve a few complementary items outside the menu, like their protein balls.
If you like a burst of flavours then try the All Berry Bang which is the perfect amalgamation of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple juice and strawberry yogurt. Mango is one of the most abundant summer fruit and there is no one right way to have it. To give it a unique spin you can try the Mango Tango crush which is made with fresh mango, nectar, sorbet, passion fruit and some ice to cool you down in this blast of hot humid weather. Or to keep it simple, you can treat yourself with a watermelon crush, which is also a cult favourite, especially in the summer.
One of the more funky options is the Two and Five Juice from the ‘Fresh Juice Bar’ category. It is a mixture of orange, apple, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, watermelon and spinach. Other than these the protein smoothies and the drinks from the lean and green category have healthier options made with things that might not be too tasty to eat on their own. These drinks can be a healthier alternative to meals because not only are they refreshing they are fulfilling as well.
Along with serving these mouthwatering drinks the store’s open and wide space will give you a break from the monotony of everyday life. Though their sitting area isn’t huge it’s not tiny as well. Moreover they provide a unique customer experience along with inspiration to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle. They are planning to open more stores in Dhaka very soon. By next year they plan to open stores in the divisional cities of Bangladesh as well. For now, you have to visit their only outlet at Banani 11, Block C, Plot 96 to get a unique taste of fresh juices and smoothies. For any further details visit their Facebook page –

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