Stars and mothers

by Rummana Ferdous

MOTHERS are the lifelines everyone clings to. They are the source of strength and inspiration. To celebrate all the mothers around the world, Mother’s Day has been observed for decades on the second Sunday of May. This year, to commemorate this day, Trends has talked to a few celebrated personalities about their experiences with their mothers and being mothers themselves.

Ivy Zaman
The sculptor, artist and teacher considers motherhood to be more of a universal concept rather than a personal relationship. Her own mother died a couple of years ago yet she still has a big influence in Zaman’s life. After becoming a mother herself, she came to understand the value of motherhood and realized the love her mother had for her. ‘Mothers are everything; they should be loved and respected by all. Not only mothers but every woman should be respected like mothers,’ she said.
She describes her son and daughter in law as a blessing. Her daughter in law addresses her as ‘Ma’, a sweet call that delights the artist. ‘I think motherhood changes people and spreading love towards children brings me joy. I am a teacher and I call all my female students ‘Ma’. But we should be careful that in the process of empowering women, we should not neglect men. They are to be cherished and protected as well,’ she added.

Gazi N. Ahmed Shubhro
A director and entrepreneur who is especially known for his work ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’, attributes his success to his parents’ liberal attitude and support. He recalls, ‘In my early years I got hooked on rock music and learned to play the drums. It’s a loud instrument and can be annoying at times, but my mother never got irritated. She let me do what I wanted to and that’s what has shaped me into what I am today.’ He was always encouraged in the field of art, music and creativity unlike most parents.
The work he does isn’t very conventional in the traditional sense, but neither of his parents ever discouraged his endeavours. Rather, from his very childhood they taught him that he should put his heart and soul to it and will have to shoulder whatever responsibility he takes. This created a sense of accountability in him and helped him to be more liable. His parents always inspired him to do good for others.
‘I see my mother helping people in any way she can and I have always been in awe of this quality since childhood. The satisfaction you get from helping someone is intense and that’s something I have learnt from her. I am very close to her and it’s sad to see her growing old. She is currently suffering from osteoporosis and it breaks my heart,’ he added.

Armeen Musa
A singer-songwriter who aspires to connect the world through the power of music, has a beautiful bond with her mother, famous Nazrul Sangeet singer Dr. Nashid Kamal. She expressed how her mother is her biggest inspiration and role model. Amongst the things she learnt from her is being both feminine and a feminist and these are what she cherishes the most.
‘She has navigated through the highs and lows in life without ever flinching in her important roles as a mother, professor and artist. Even when she faced major obstacles in her life, she showed us how to gracefully go through pain and happiness with the help of inner strength and music,’ she added.
Her mother taught her to dream big, live big, and be loud and proud. Hence she has not only grown up celebrating her femininity, the grace, softness and caring that come with being a woman but also taking a stand and defending when women are wronged. She recounts her fondest memory with her mother when at the age of five she lay on her lap all night as Nashid Kamal sang in an all-night ghazal concert.
This Mother’s Day, Armeen Musa along with her children’s choir will be paying tribute to mothers by holding a concert at Gourmet Bazar. ‘All my students and I attribute our love for music to our mothers, so this is our apt celebration,’ she adds.

Giasuddin Selim
Director and filmmaker considers his mother to be his world. ‘I have many memories with her but there’s an interesting one that comes to mind right now. If I got rebuked by anyone I used to get furious and kick the earthen stove and smash it, and hence there would be no cooking for quite a while till it was fixed. Everyone used to get annoyed except my mother. She would take my side and scold the other person instead,’ he reminisces.
Selim says that he respects her very much and cannot refuse her anything till date. She was the one who went to his father and made requests that Selim could not make himself.
‘Her cooking is simply awesome. Her jiol machher jhol (fish curry) and shidol shutkir jhol (dried fish) are my favourite, no one can cook them like her,’ he concluded.

Sharmin Lucky
A popular presenter, model and anchor, is the mother of a twenty year old whom she lovingly calls her ‘Bura bachcha’. When asked how she maintained her career while taking care of her son, she explained that she didn’t have to struggle much because she wasn’t alone as her in-laws were always there to help her.
‘I was completing my masters when my son was born and it was hard to stay with him at all times. My sister-in-law used to bring him to my campus so that I could breastfeed him. When he got a little older I started teaching in Mastermind School along with doing voiceovers, but I didn’t have to worry about him as I had supporting in laws who helped me through the process,’ says Sharmin.
She fondly remembers a Bangkok trip, where he suddenly decided to volunteer at an animal show they went to.
‘He followed the instructions very well but we were very anxious because he was just a baby. Even the monkey was taller than him and we thought he would surely get scratched by the monkey. If I have to reminisce, I’d think about the trips like this one,’ she smiled.

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