by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

IN a city full of restaurants specialising in foreign cuisines, a restaurant focusing solely on deshi food is remarkable. Nothing can beat the taste of homemade meals and that’s what Vortabari is all about. It stands out from its contemporaries because of its unique menu composed of only bhortas (mashes) and curry dishes from all over the country.
Eating fast food regularly isn’t a smart choice and the restaurant was opened keeping exactly this in mind.
‘I had to be in Dhanmondi regularly for business purpose but after 4 to 5 years of eating in fast food joints and Chinese restaurants I started craving Bengali food. I couldn’t find a place to eat traditional Bengali food and it is then that I realized that there were many more who shared the same kind of craving. That is how Vortabari came into being,’ said co-owner Mia Mohammad Yafisuzzaman
It is not the typical Bengali hotel despite the traditional menu. The decor has a ‘biyebari’ like style complete with white table clothes, plain chairs and warm lighting giving it a vintage aura. It is also quite spacious and can house about 72 people. The food is displayed in a serving dock beside the sitting area to help customers choose from what they want to eat. You will find a wide range of bhortas and a selection of yummy delicacies of both meat and fishes. Everything is freshly cooked and ready to be served whenever you decide to drop by, so the serving time is conveniently minimal.
The menu contains food for any time of the day, from breakfast till dinner. For breakfast there are options like paratha, roti, lentil, mutton, hotchpotch, tea and coffee. For lunch and dinner the wide range of bhortas will definitely leave you in frenzy; bhortas (mashes) like potato, egg, brinjal, pulse, taki fish, and prawn are few of the delicious choices and the price ranges from Tk 25 to Tk 60. There are a few bhajis like bitter gourd, brinjal, lal shak, pui shak etc. and they cost between Tk 40 – Tk 120.
For the main course they have an array of curries and dishes like chicken roast, jhal fry, chui beef, pigeon roast, daal mutton, fish fry and many more. They are priced somewhere between Tk 110 and Tk 350. They have a few unique dishes worth trying like the kalabhuna, mezbani from Chittagong, red potato mash from Rajshahi, gourd prawn from Barisal.
As for dessert there are mouth-watering options like kulfi, borhani, firni and curd which are only between Tk 35 – Tk 70. It doesn’t end there, there are snacks for the evening as well; beef chap, chicken chap, paratha, beef karai, chicken karai, etc. are some of the things you can try.
As one can understand by now that whatever Bengali dish you are craving for, Vortabari probably has it all. Their customer service is good and you are likely to have a pleasant experience overall. Skip fast food for a day and try the food that is both tasty and healthy; you won’t even have to burn a hole in your wallet.
Its location is also easy to find, being situated at the 2nd floor right above Almas Supershop at Dhanmondi 8/A and they have a plan to open branches at other locations of the city too.

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