Amari this Ramadan

Amari Dhaka will offer feasts featuring exclusive examples of Arabic Iftar & Suhoor specials at Amaya Food Gallery throughout Ramadan. The dishes are meticulously selected and prepared considering the long fasting days so that they provide ample nutrition during Iftar and dinner while preserving mouth-watering taste. This lavish Iftar cum dinner buffet offering is priced at Tk 4,000 net. Suhoor buffet is available every Thursday, Friday & Saturday at Tk 2,500 net. For budget client’s first time ever Cascade lounge is offering an exclusive Iftar followed by dinner mini buffet at Tk 1,500 net only.
Apart from all traditional take away menu price is Tk 2,000 net and it exclusive international style take away box is available only at Tk 2,200 net. For query, dial- 0255059620, 01878422222

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